Free Speech …. O’s Hangout, Aubrey Huff, WNST

February 22, 2008 |

Let me start this off by saying I love O’s Hangout ….. for it’s insightful debates and plethora of information concerning Baltimore Baseball and topics impacting our society.

I’m a regular reader of the website, and I find the members/posters to be quite knowledgeable. The opinions expressed are concise and obviously from the heart ….. with exercise of the mind. If I want Orioles updates ….. O’s hangout is where I go.

That said, I basically lurk around on the site and simply absorb information. I grew up with Tony Pente, and recall sharing a love for baseball, as kids. But, we haven’t ran into each other in nearly 20 years. How could this happen ??? Hey, life just takes over …..

In regard to posting, I suppose it’s just a personal decision. I feel Nestor has provided me an opportunity in this venue ….. and I’m more than content with it. Along with Jason Jubb, I get to talk sports with Baltimore fans, every Sunday from 10am to noon. And, I get the format of this website to convey my thoughts. I’m a blessed guy.

In regard to disputes, I’m not about to stick my nose into a situation regarding respective WNST personnel and impassioned fans. I’m content building my respective audience and forging relationships with “weekend listeners. But, I support Drew and all my brethren ….. and that’s what this is about.

If you’ve read my material, than you KNOW I’m consumed by Constitutional and Criminal Law issues. These topics have burned within me, professionally and personally, for a long time. So, it’s not a stretch to suggest I’m an avid proponent of free speech.

Perhaps, there’s no better example of my support for the 1st Amendment than to consider my remarks concerning Aubrey Huff. I think I’ve taken a differing posture than the “hardcore” Baltimorean who desired Huff’s hide for incendiary remarks regarding Charm City, during an ill-advised talk-show appearance.

I’m not offended by Huff’s remarks. And, I would question why anyone else takes the words so personally. Aubrey Huff doesn’t bleed “black and orange” ….. he bleeds “green” – just like any other pro athlete. He doesn’t call this town HOME ….. and he’s never suggested it – to my knowledge.

But most importantly, he was merely exercising his right to free speech, which is more vital than the feelings of my hometown folk. It just is. And, in an era when we revere pro athletes that hinder major criminal investigations, assault female companions and risk innocent lives when piloting automobiles, while in a drunken stooper ….. I’ll choose to take Huff’s comments in stride.

Regardless of whether I like what Aubrey Huff said, on the “Bubba The Love Sponge Show,” his comments won’t kill a family in a mini-van. They’re just words ….. nothing else.

This leads me to the other “part” of this blog. In reading O’s Hangout, I’ve encountered numerous postings about the strained relations between WNST and the Baltimore Orioles. I’ve found some postings to be worthwhile ….. and some are just ludicrous.

We live and thrive in a society built on free speech. Whether you like the opinion of a guy at one radio station, or a girl at another, they’re both entitled to convey their thoughts. Sometimes, these thoughts are unpleasant or exposing of scandal. Still, they shouldn’t be censored or thwarted.

Whether you like the message being delivered in one radio format, as opposed to another, it’s extremely crucial that both exist. Would you want everything slanted one way? That happens about 90 miles off the coast of Key West …..

Since Andy MacPhail seized control of the Orioles’ baseball operations, I’ve been a staunch supporter of “the plan.” I’ve echoed my feelings many times. And, I continue to believe in this “resurrection.”

However, I remain dismayed that the Orioles would deny access to WNST or any other media outlet, simply due to their contempt for the “message.” This is unhealthy and it’s Un-American. For the sake of this argument …. I don’t care about litigation and courtrooms, and blah, blah, blah …..

This is about free speech ….. the same free speech that exists at O’s Hangout. Wakeup fans ….. this involves YOU as much as it does WNST. This isn’t about the Orioles or Aubrey Huff or WNST or Me or You. It’s about rights ….. and being an American.

Don’t put baseball ahead of that.