Friday afternoon quarterback

October 02, 2009 | Keith Melchior

The Ravens juggernaut continued last week with a total shellacking of the lowly Cleveland Browns. You almost felt sorry for the Browns as soon as you caught a glimpse of those ugly brown pants, which served a purpose to hide all the stains of that 34-3 soiling.  I guess Cleveland got some measure of revenge on Baltimore as the Indians swept the lowly Orioles in last weekend’s 3 game series. The Browns scored more Sunday than the Orioles as the Indians pitched the shutout.

Look out for New Orleans. Drew Brees had 9 TD passes going in to the game against the Buffalo Bills, but somehow the Saints found a powerful running game, racking up 222 yards on the ground against the Bills. They are going to be tough to beat with that combination. New Orleans faces the Jets this weekend in a battle of unbeatens. This will be a big test for both teams. Should New Orleans win Sunday they get the older brother of the New York football teams. I can’t wait to see what happens on October 18th when they meet the New York Giants to see who may reign supreme in the NFC.

The latest rumor coming out of Washington is…………. well, you can fill in the blank.  Jim Zorn’s future took a major hit for the 2nd straight week as the Redskins lost to the previously 0-19 Detroit Lions. Jason Campbell threw for 340 yeards but couldn’t find the end zone. The Redskins couldn’t find the end zone against the Rams 2 weeks ago and had to settle for 3 FG’s in their 9-7 nailbiter victory at Fed Ex Field. 

The Tampa Bay Bucs have surpassed the Lions in futility, having lost their 3rd game in a row in a shutout loss to the Giants. The bright side for Tampa is they get to face the Redskins this weekend.

I am going to lobby to have the Seattle Seahawks removed rom the NFL if they wear those horrible looking lime green jerseys again this season.  I think the Seahawks lead the lead in ugly uniform changes over the last 5 years. Mr Blackwell would have them on his top ten list of worst dressed in 2009.

Can you believe the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-2, losing those 2 games very late in the 4th quarter? Boy do they miss Troy Polamalu for certain. There’s speculation he may play in week 5, but that could that be too late should the Steelers lose to the Chargers Sunday.

People have been telling me all week how worried they are about Tom Brady and the Patriots. He’s going to pick the Ravens secondary apart if the defensive line can’t pressure him. The Ravens are 0-4 against New England in their history with the last 2 losses in the Kyle Boller era. This is a totally different Ravens offense and the Patriots defense is nowhere near what they used to be. I am calling it Ravens 27 Patriots 17.