Friday Evening Quarterback

October 16, 2009 | Keith Melchior

Ravens/Cincinnati came down to mistakes and nothing else. The offense looked lethargic and played right into the Cincinnati defense’s hands and the Ravens’ defense broke down and got a little too aggressive during that last drive. Listening to the players on various shows this week, they feel they’ll correct the errors and move forward.

The Jets couldn’t handle the wildcat offense and lost to Miami Monday night. Now they find themselves in a dogfight with New England for the AFC East division lead. Are Jets fans and the media calling for Rex Ryan’s head now that they’ve lost 2 straight games? They hold the tie-breaker over the Patriots for the moment.

Minnesota is the highest scoring team in the league at this point but they’ve also given up 90 points. Prevent defense no doubt allowing teams to score in garbage time.

I cannot believe the Denver Broncos are 5-0. After seeing that team implode last season, fire Mike Shanahan, trade Jay Cutler for Kyle freaking Orton, and pick up retread RB Correll Buckhalter, I picked them to maybe finish 7-9. They still could but after beating the Patriots on a 98 yard drive last week, I may just be a Bronco believer. If they beat the Chargers Sunday, the weak west division is all but wrapped up.

Pittsburgh is back in the thick of things in the AFC North thanks to an easy schedule stretch. After losing to the Bengals, they drewan injured San Diego team in prime time at home, followed by Detroit and now face the Browns with Troy Polamalu returning. They get the Vikings at home next week. Seems like the Steelers always get those tough opponents at Heinz Field, doesn’t it?

Tennessee went out with a whimper against the Colts last week. With all that talent I find it hard to believe they are 0-5. Now they get the Patriots in New England, so it probably isn’t going to get any better.

I think the Washington Redskins are the first team in NFL history to play 5 winless teams in a row. St Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Carolina, and now Kansas City. They are 2-2 vs winless teams thus far. The streak of winless opponents ends next week as they host Philly on MNF.

Speaking of MNF, what happened to the supposed unwritten claims that teams didn’t get a MNF game is they didn’t make the playoffs the previous season?  I guess it’s all about divisional matchups nowadays since the first 10 weeks of the schedule have 8 divisional games, with the 10th being the Ravens AT Cleveland. Talk about a miscarriage of justice. Cleveland and Washington both get MNF games at home and Baltimore gets none.

The Wade Phillips watch is on. Jerry Jones said today that Phillips will continue to coach for the rest of the season. Sounds like the old vote of confidence axe to me. So who’s first to go, Phillips or Zorn?  I got my money on Zorn, especially if the Redskins lose to the Chiefs this week. Phillips was spared with the Cowboys OT win against KC. We’ll see if Zorny is spared. 

Teams that desperately need a win this weekend are:

Baltimore, San Diego,  Seattle, Jacksonville, Washington, Houston, Atlanta, NY Jets, Tennessee