Friday evening quarterback

October 09, 2009 | Keith Melchior

I am glad the dust has settled on last week’s Ravens loss to the Patriots. Refs or not, the opportunities were there at the end of both halves and mistakes were made. It’s just human nature to lay the blame on the officials. The Bengals have surprised many people this season, losing to Denver on a fluke last play tipped pass, beating Green Bay at Lambeau, beating Pittsburgh on the final drive and beating Cleveland in OT. The cardiac kids come to M&T Bank stadium Sunday. I guarantee this game is not going down to the wire in Cincinnati’s favor. Ravens 27 Bengals 17

T.O. was right to want out of Dallas. The Cowboys bumbling and stumbling loss at Denver made the Broncos 4-0 with a 2 1/2 game lead in the division. Kyle Orton looks like the same player that guided the Bears to victories when Rex Grossman was injured. Looks like the trade is paying dividends to both the Bears and the Broncs. Is it me or does it appear that Tony Romo has the goofiest faces in the league? 

What has happened to the San Diego Chargers?  A squeaker win against Oakland, a dominating loss to the Ravens and a beatdown in Pittsburgh. They look like the team that backed into the playoffs last season. All that talent and nothing to show for it. Adios Norv Turner.

The Titans at 0-4 face the 4-0 Colts this week.  Yet another talented team with nothing going right for them. Did the Jim Schwartz departure cripple that defense?  Kerry Collins hasn’t stepped up and taken charge and the defense is suspect 3 weeks in a row.  I heard Brian Billick say sometimes coaches stay too long and the message gets stale. Maybe it’s time for Jeff Fisher to seek other employment after the season. They love Fisher in Nashville, but they won’t put up with losing like this for long.

Another team with no direction is the Redskins. Jason Campbell looked like an enigma until he found a streaking Santana Moss down the sideline. Portis can’t get it done on the ground, Campbell is erratic, they settle for  FGs because their red zone offense is miserable, they hire  west coast offensive guru Sherm Lewis as a special consultant to Jim Zorn and they are the luckiest 2-2 team in the NFL.  They better break out of the funk or Lewis will be replacing Zorn soon.

Lowly Cleveland is at it again. Braylin Edwards allegedly punches one of LeBron James buddies and next thing you know, he’s shipped off to the Jets. Maybe playing for a better organization will help him step up his game. You think he knew the Browns were going nowhere in a hurry and he plotted and schemed his way out of there?

Who is going to stop the freight train known as the New York Giants? Could it be a heel?  The G-men are a 15 1/2 point favorite at the Meadowlands this weekend against Oakland. Bet the mortgage on that potential beatdown unless the Giants choose to look ahead the their matchup next weekend against the Saints.  I think the winner of that game will emerge as the NFC favorite to advance to the Super Bowl.

The only winless teams in the league are Tennessee, Tampa, Cleveland, KC, and St Louis. I think the only teams that play each other out of those 5 are Cleveland/KC and Tennessee/St Louis. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, there could potentially be 3 0-16 teams. The Lions should be proud.

Do you remember how terrible Denver’s defense was last season?  Don’t look now, but the Broncos have allowed a season-low 26 points against through 4 games. That is ONLY 6 1/2 points allowed per game!! What a turnaround they’ve made on the other side of the ball. If New England drops 24 on them this weekend, they’ll still be allowing a mere 10 points against. Rather Ravenesque, don’t you think?

All the talk was about Brett Favre facing the Packers Monday night. The grizzled old veteran put another feather in his Hall of Fame cap when he became the ONLY quarterback in modern NFL history to defeat all 32 teams in the league. Montana didn’t do it as a member of SF and KC because the schedule was not balanced out like it has been since 2002.  Elway and Marino stayed with their teams for their entire careers so they never had a chance to accomplish that feat. Guessing that McNabb, Brady, the Manning brothers, and Roethlisberger will never leave their respective teams, the only active quarterback who could possibly join Favre is Kerry Collins. Your homework assignment this week is to research what teams Collins needs to defeat to give Favre some company. We’ll compare notes next week