Friday Featured Artist: Iluvatar

May 26, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I meant to mention this in my earlier blog but forgot.

A handful of you e-mailed me today about this morning’s Friday Featured Artist, wondering who it was, where I found them, etc.

Today’s featured band was a Baltimore group called “Iluvatar”.  I mentioned this a bunch of times this morning, but in case you missed, it:  Dean Morekas is the bass player in Iluvatar.  If that Morekas name sounds familiar, it’s because his brother Spiro was formerly with WNST.  Spiro and I were playing golf one day at Mount Pleasant and got involved in a music discussion and I told him I liked Rush, “old” Genesis, etc. and he said, “If you like that kind of music, you’ll like my brother’s band.”

He gave me their 1995 CD called “Children” and I was hooked.  They DO sound a lot like the Phil Collins-Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, or maybe even a combination of Emerson, Lake and Palmer AND Yes.

If you have ITunes, you can check out some of their songs there.  If nothing else, visit their web-site at – you can download some MP3 stuff there as well.

Worth a listen – especially if you like that kind of sound.  BTW, if you want to hear one or two Iluvatar songs that sort of define their music, go to their web-site, go to discography, click on the CD “Children” and listen to “Your Darkest Hour” or “Given Away”.