Friday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

February 13, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

O’s President’s “State of the Team.” Your baseball team in Baltimore’s very own, Andy MacPhail, sat down with the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec for a little Q and A.  During their chat, the man running Baseball Operations with the Orioles said the team was, “on the right track.”  Clearly the track he’s talking about is the one that leads to being utterly irrelevant by mid-July.

It always has to be all about Michael! Now this is ridiculous, what’s a kid have to do to get a little attention around here?  The lawyer for 2 of the 8 ‘smoking dopes’ are saying that once his clients got into the interrogation room after their arrests in associated with “Bong-gate”, officials were only interested in asking  questions about Phelps.  “Oh my God, I love Michael Phelps, is he as hot in real life as he was on TV in the Olympics?”  “Do you think he’ll ever come back to South Carolina to come hang out and burn with us, too?”

D.A.R.E. not to be like Mike!  The AHL’s The Milwaukee Admirals next Thursday night will host “Don’t be like Mike Night.”  The promotion promises $2 tickets for anyone who brings to the arena box office their D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Graduation Certificate.  Also, anyone with the name Michael, Phelps, Mary Jane, Cheech, Chong, or Weed get in with the proposed discount.  They will also be giving, as a contest prize, a brand new Weedwhacker!  I don’t even need to attempt to make a smart ass joke; just summarizing the article was funny enough.

Scanning the Blogosphere

Pro Football Talk’s Pat Tillman Award goes to Polamalu over Reed.

Football’s Future has the Ravens taking Rutgers WR Kenny Britt in their mock draft.

The National Football Post tells Ravens fans, or anyone’s for that matter, not to hold their breathe on landing Cards WR Anquan Boldin.

Deadspin: “Alomar Denies Lawsuit’s Claim That He Has AIDS (Kind Of).”

The Examiner was wondering how does one make a mock draft, Mel Kiper shared his answer.

Sports By Brooks asks, “Alomar’s New GF Motivation Behind Old GF’s Suit?”

Tracking the Terps gives their “Quick Take on the 2009 Maryland Football Schedule.”

Busted Coverage has our I Hate the Steelers link of the day with “This is why Jeff Reed is so fat.”

Awful Announcing has ESPN’s released early college football schedule.

CMS Video of the Day

Everyone has an embarrassing moment in their past.  Our job on Crab Cakes and Light Beer is to find those moments and make sure everyone knows about it.  WNST Partner and former Ravens Head Coach Brian Billick’s is that he was once a contestant on the old TV Game Show, “Match Game PM.” And here it is.

The Morning’s Last Call

I’ll be honest, I like the NBA All-Star Weekend for no other reason than that all those skills competitions like the Dunk Contest, H-O-R-S-E, and the 3-point Shootout, is that it provides phenomenal background viewing for pre-gaming.  Think about it… relatively entertaining, don’t need to keep track of anything to know what’s going on, and there’s lots of “ooohs and ahhhhs.”  The same goes for those NHL little gimmicky games too, hardest shot, fastest skater, etc…

On the other hand, the All-Star game itself doesn’t really do too much for me, but by no means is the NBA’s best players scrimmaging Sunday’s main draw.

The 2009 NASCAR Season gets kicked off tomorrow.  I can’t even try to impress you with my knowledge of car racing, but I’ve picked up a few things from watching SportsCenter.

In short, this is the first race of the ’09 season, Jimmy Johnson in the #48 car, he’s good, he’s won 3 straight points championships, Dale Jr. doesn’t drive the Budweiser mobile anymore, and there’s like an 18 year old in the field.

Side question, how can an 18 year old be racing in the Daytona 500?  I thought you weren’t even allowed to have license until like 17.

Here’s a link for SI’s Tale of the Tape: NBA All Star Game vs. the Daytona 500.

Everyone have a great weekend.