Friday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

February 27, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

LaRussa wants O’s pitchers?  Tony LaRussa, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, joking quipped yesterday that if Dave Trembley can’t find use for all 37 pitchers in Baltimore camp to send some over to him at Cards camp.  In 1989, George Will called LaRussa a ‘genius’ in “Men at Work” and then in ’05, Buzz Bissinger said so too, in “3 Nights in August.”  If LaRussa were to actually ever see these pitchers who don’t make the opening day roster in Baltimore and still wanted them… I, Chris Bonetti, in ’09 is saying Tony Larussa is not a genius.

More on Jeff Reed, stupid Steelers kicker.  I realize nobody really needs even more evidence that the Steelers and their fans are morons, yet still I give you more.   You all remember the original story –   Drunken kicker, Sheetz bathroom, towel dispense.  Yeah. The latest is that earlier that evening Reed was at a scheduled appearance, where Steeler fans paid an $8 cover to be at a bar with the kicker.  Reports now are that Reed showed up to the event already drunk.  The part about Pittsburgh fans paying $8 just to be around this nitwit is shocking… in a literal sense.  The fact that Reed was already hammered is also shocking… but in a sarcastic way.

Babes writing books about baseball?  Baseball books are big money… Tom Verducci, Jose Canseco, Kirk Radomski, and Selena Roberts’ book about A-Rod is shall I say, ‘highly’ anticipated.  It’s simple, if you have an inside scoop you can make the New York times Bestsellers List.  The next great baseball book is now on the horizon… ladies and gents, Alyssa Milano is authoring a piece with Joe Torre, “Safe at Home, Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic.”  Oh goody, I can’t wait!

Scanning the Blogosphere

Ravens Insider has their latest notes on Ravens free agents: Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, and Jason Brown.

O’s on Deck has some quick hitters from the Orioles win over the Cardinals, including thumbs up for Justin Christian, Scott Moore, and Nolan Reimold, in Grapefruit League action yesterday.

Dempsey’s Army has their ‘five things’ to watch for in their spring training outlook.

Face Off has three things to watch in both games of the Face-Off Classic at M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow.

Recruiting Report has all you need to know about Baltimore Freedom Academy sophomore Kevin Smith, “Baltimore’s next great point guard.”

CMS Video of the Day

B-More Bird’s Nest might have nailed it right on the head, “The Ravens should draft Dave Neal.”

The Morning’s Final Thought

A job well done goes to Busted Coverage and their latest edition of “The Hottest girls on the BCS.”  Today the site that has been ‘Wasting your time since 2007’ takes a look at the ACC.

The Terps come in with a very respectable ranking at #7.  Florida State tops the list, which isn’t surprising, nor are Boston College and Duke finishing at the bottom.  I’m pretty partial towards this pretty co-ed from Clemson.

This is definitely a link you should check out at somepoint over the weekend.  Check you on Monday…