Friday Mud — so easy, a caveman could enjoy it

May 27, 2011 | Drew Forrester

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought summer in these parts begins on Memorial Day weekend, even though the calendar says we’re officially still in “late spring”.

Sure felt like summer yesterday.

Felt like Maryland yesterday, in fact.

Hot, humid, sticky…the way it will be between now and late August or so.

If you’re heading “downy ocean hon”, please drive safely and enjoy yourself.

We’ll reconvene on The Morning Reaction next Tuesday at 6:07 am.

In the meantime, here’s a hybrid version of Friday Mud.  Honestly, I gave Friday Mud the long weekend off, but he insisted on throwing together a few thoughts just to get you started.



> I don’t really follow the NBA all that much because nearly every single time I watch a game in the regular season, it doesn’t hold my attention for more than 5 minutes.  That said, I’m interested in the playoffs of EVERY sport and I’m particular keen on seeing what the Miami Heat do in the NBA post-season given their off-season haul of The King and Chris Bosh. Remember last summer when “The Decision” came down and the Heat became the first team to ever have a championship parade (of sorts) 5 months before their season actually started?  Remember all of the “we’re gonna win 7 titles” talk? Remember how everyone crowned Miami the champs before the first ball got thrown in the air?  Well, most times when stuff like that happens, the team naturally goes into a late-season tailspin and all breaks loose and we, the fans, get to laugh at them for jumping the gun 9 months ago and predicting their run to the championship.  *Ahem* – the Miami Heat are in the championship series against the Dallas Mavericks.  They’re four wins away from proving themselves RIGHT with all of that “no one is gonna beat US” talk.  You know what I say?  Good for them.  I like seeing a franchise take a gamble on marquee players and having it pay off.  I like seeing players TALK THE TALK and then WALK THE WALK.  I’m not a Heat fan, per-se, but I’m pulling for them against Dallas.

>  Are you grilling steaks this weekend?  Yeah, I know, “of course I am, Drew, what else would I be doing?”.  Right.  So am I. Head out to your local wine retailer and grab a bottle or two of Kudos Pinot Noir.  I think my friends at TowsonPlace Liquors carry it.  I know they have another of my favorites up there…Joel Gott Cabernet, which I also highly recommend.  Anyway, trust me on this one.  If you’re eating meat this weekend, grab some Kudos Pinot Noir and thank me later.  And you might as well just get some Joel Gott Cab while you’re at it.

>  I don’t know how a guy who is on crutches this week can win the U.S. Open in three weeks, but Tiger Woods seems to think he can.  I’m not buying it.  I don’t see it happening.  I’ll bet AGAINST him, in fact.  Should I make my pick now?  I think it’s too early for that, the field isn’t even set yet.  But I’ll tell you this:  I like Bubba Watson’s chances.  And maybe even K.J. Choi.  And someone else – I’m just not sure who until I see the field in its entirety.

>  The Orioles are back to .500.  That’s great news.  This week, though, instead of marketing their players to baseball fans in Baltimore, they were busy peddling a calendar that featured all of the pets belonging to Oriole players.  Isn’t that amazing? They had a 3-game mid-week homestand against Kansas City this week and instead of having their players on the radio this week promoting those games, their marketing “effort” had something to do with dogs and cats.  Hey, I’m a dog lover.  And a cat lover, for that matter.  But who gives a flying-flip what Matt Wieters’ cats look like?  Lord… Instead of having their players call 92Q and Mix and WTMD and WNST and WVIE and EVERY OTHER STATION IN TOWN that would love to help them promote those three games, the Orioles were busy promoting a calendar with pets in it.  I couldn’t make that up, so don’t ask “are you serious?”

>  Today’s Friday Featured Artist on The Morning Reaction is Soundgarden.  THIS GUY right here is a rock-n-roll singer. Dude can bring it.

>  Congratulations to the great Matt Stover who learned yesterday he’ll be inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor on November 20 when the Bengals come to town.  When you write or say the word “Honor”, it’s natural to connect Matt Stover’s name with it.  In my 9 seasons of covering the Ravens for this station, I can say without hesitation he was one of the best “men” they’ve had in that organization.  The next two men deserving of the honor are Brian Billick and Jamal Lewis.  Let’s get them in there in the next couple of years and all will be well.

>  Anyone want to play hooky from work next Wednesday and play golf with me?  We’re gathering at Mount Pleasant for 18 holes around 1pm, followed by a burger and a beer.  I’m bringing ex-Towson lacrosse coach Tony Seaman along to play – since he doesn’t have anything to do these days.  I need five more players total.  It’s FREE, by the way.  You’ll need to put up $20 for a little fund-raiser we’ll have…but the golf and your cart are on me and the fine folks at Baltimore’s Classic Five.  If you’re interested in playing, you MUST e-mail directly ( and I’ll take the first five who reply.

>  I knew when word trickled out a few weeks ago that Derek Lowe had been arrested on a DUI charge in Atlanta that something wasn’t right.  Why on earth would “The Great One” do something like that?  Yesterday we found out the truth. Charges against Lowe were dismissed by the judge.  Just as I thought.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  Well, Yankees fans would disagree with that.  Remember back in 2003 when Lowe shut them down in Game 7 of the ALCS?  New Yorkers sure thought THAT was wrong…LOL.

>  Are any of you parents of young children who watch Nick Jr. and occasionally see the show “Olivia”?  Tell me how hard it is to watch that show and then NOT sing the theme song in your head the rest of the day.  What a cute little pig she is.

>  I’m hosting a youth golf camp July 11-14 at Mountain Branch.  If you have a son or daughter ages 12-17 who would like to learn the game of golf, this would be a great setting for him/her.  It runs from 2pm-5pm, Mon-Thur that week and we have lots of great benefits to offer the campers.  We’re only taking 16 kids and it’s half filled already, so if you’d like to have your child participate, email me ( and we’ll go from there.

>  Those GEICO commercials are really funny but the best one of them all has to be THIS ONE RIGHT HERE.  There’s just something about the way the caveman says, “That’s a real disappointment” that cracks me up every single time.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone.