Friday Mud soaks up the limelight

April 22, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Friday Mud is back, ready to take on the world.

Goals for this week include making you think, making you smile and making you do something to help yourself.

It’s been a nice little hiatus for “Mud”, with lots of time to find new material and research the benefits of the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.  We live in a great country.  Occasionally, even, we’re still allowed to say what’s on our mind.

Tonight is a special night in Baltimore, for the three greatest Canadiens ever will stroll to the stage around 7:40 pm and begin the familiar guitar riff that kick-starts “Spirit of The Radio”.  I’m talking RUSH, of course, and with all due respect to some other great maple-leaf-lovers like Joni Mitchell, Mike Myers, and Wayne Gretzky, the trio of Geddy Lee-Alex-Lifeson-Neil Peart trumps them all.  If you’re going tonight, enjoy yourself.  I’ll be there.  Look for me – I’ll be the guy carrying a bunch of pictures around like I’m on an album cover.

Let’s go ahead and give you what you came here for.


Is Friday Mud.


>  I haven’t told Glenn Clark this yet because I’m sure he’d blow a gasket wanting to be a part of it, but a friend of mine with a west coast advertising agency has been assigned the task of coming up with a new logo for the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team as part of their effort to rally local support and stay put in Arizona.  My buddy – who admittedly is NOT a hockey fan – called me on Thursday and asked for some advice on what the new logo should look like, keeping in mind it has to look snazzy on the front of a hockey sweater too.  After a lot of thought, I sent my suggestion for the NEW LOGO FOR THE COYOTES to my advertising buddy.  I’m sure Glenn likes it too.

> OK, whether or not you like the Yankees, THIS CLIP is completely worth the price you’re paying for this edition of FM just to watch the two radio guys call the winning run of a baseball game.  Watch the guy on the right…he gets into the act.  Then John Sterling gets into the act.  The guy behind them is jumping up and down.  And I’m pretty sure Sterling looks around at the end of his call as if to say, “Did anyone see how much of a dork I just made myself look like?”  It’s pretty funny.

> Speaking of New York, all of you up there (and even some of you NOT up there anymore) can WATCH THIS and suffer.

>  The Steelers are sure moving forward as if there’s going to be football next season.  They recently had their 2011 cheerleader tryouts and selected 24 new girls for the team, including THIS CUTIE.

>  Scott Baker terrorized the Orioles again last night, shutting down our relatively-easy-to-quiet bats in a 3-1 win for the Twins.  Baker is now 6-0 against the Birds, joining an impressive list of other athletic characters who have made life miserable for us in Baltimore, including THIS DUDE, THIS FELLOW, AND OUR SPECIAL FRIEND (who is seated on right in this photo…the guy on the left just happens to be there because it’s the only photo I could find…)

>  I love Friday Mud because it gives me the chance to play “I googled this…and look what came up.”  So a few minutes ago, I went to Google and typed in, “LIVING HELL” and THIS PHOTO POPPED UP FIRST.

>  There’s a story making the rounds that a professional athlete is suing Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski over the legal term of “Coach K”.  The athlete has filed paperwork contending that when he’s finished playing, he wants to get into coaching and that he’s already filed the paperwork to LEGALLY be known as Coach K.  You might know him right now as THIS GUY.

>  They’ll be playing THIS SONG tonight in Baltimore.  “All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players…”

>   This football lockout thing is a drag.  It’s ruined the off-season, ruined the draft, will probably ruin training camp and just might run the whole damn season.  I don’t much but I know this…the people involved thus far can’t get a deal done.  Here’s what I suggest.  Turn the whole thing over TO THIS GREAT AMERICAN.  We’ll have a resolution within 30 minutes…24 if you’re not counting commercials.

>  I’m getting gussied up like THIS MAN RIGHT HERE (but I’ll have purple on) and planning a question along this line for John Harbaugh after the season opener against the Steelers next September.  “Hey coach, the great philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once said, ‘Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat’…with that said, what about — ”

> The Shoot Section (where I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth)

Earlier this week I had a routine (yearly) check up with my family doctor.  Cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, thyroid…all good, I’m pleased to report.  I also had my PSA screening done to check for prostate cancer.  I’m happy to report all was normal there as well and my number was good.  If you’re a male, age 40 or over, and you’re reading this right now and you haven’t had your prostate checked in the last year, go do it soon.  DO NOT PUT IT OFF.  Do not say to yourself, “I feel fine down there…if something was wrong, I’d feel something odd going on…” No, you absolutely MIGHT NOT be able to determine if everything is OK with your prostate. Only a doctor and the bloodwork can tell you that.  The entire process takes, literally, about 3 minutes.  That’s it.  You’ll get a call in a few days with your “number” (that’s what men call it…”had my prostate checked, my ‘number’ is…”) and the doctor will clue you in on what that number means in terms of your prostate health.  Please…go get your prostate checked.  I’ve had several friends (in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s) get diagnosed with prostate cancer and because they were all proactive about getting “their number”, they were able to recover from it and live a healthy life.  Don’t put it off.  Go get it checked.