Friday Night Caps

November 20, 2009 |

I was watching the Caps game Vs the NY Rangers and it pumped me up like crazy for tonight’s game versus the Montreal Canadiens. Its a hockey team that is the epitomy of a real dynasty. Always a huge game when you play a franchise like this.

Now after watching the first period of the Caps/Rangers game, NY was owning the first ten minutes of the period. Then to see the world class Alexander Ovechkin take his only shot of the game and score a goal. Seeing Matt Bradley throw down the gloves and get six stitches for it, then coming out in the third period and scoring the game winning goal. That is why I like hockey an entire game of variables, skill, and chance.

If you never tuned into a hockey game, I don’t blame you for changing the channel. It’s hard to understand at times, and hard to get into if you have never been to a game.

I am willing to bet if you went to Verizon Center and saw a Capitals game your views on the game will forever change, and you will become a fan. It is utterly ridiculous the ferocity of the game, the bone jarring hits, the celebration of your team, it truly is an experience you can take home with you. I don’t always go to games, I usually make it out to 5-10 games out of 41 home games, but you bet your ass, I am glued to the tv screen when the Caps are on. Every game is different, never the same old song and dance, it is a true battle the entire game.

I invite anyone to tune in and see what the game is to me, and for you to go to a game.

After tonight’s game my attention will tune to tomorrow’s game, and the Ravens/Colts game Sunday, an ensuming Baltimore tradition to wish doom on the Colts franchise.

1st PERIOD UPDATE: You folks are missing a super hard hitting game!! Brooks Laich (#21) destroying Roman Hamrlik (#44 Montreal Canadiens) into the Capitals bench. Then a tussle in front of the goal. Then John Erskine (#4) dropping Georges Laraque (#17 Montreal Canadiens aka Brashear Jr.). Not to mention Perreault’s pass to Eric Fehr for the only goal of the 1st. Period! This is a great game so far!