From 1 Winning Drive: Injury update and big plays

October 05, 2007 | WNST Staff

As the Ravens start their final practice before heading to San Fransico this afternoon, the question as to who will be the tight end still lingers. Todd Heap and Dan Wilcox both were not at practice this morning, so there is no indication to which one will play Sunday. The Ravens do have TE Lee Vickers on the practice squad that they could activate if they needed to, but they would have to cut someone from the active roster to make that move. The Ravens if they chose to do that they could make that decision on Saturday at the latest. My gut still tells me that we will see either Heap and or Wilcox on Sunday.
Here are some more practice notes:
-Trevor Pryce was at practice this morning and was catching the football one handed as the defensive linemen were doing drills of catching the football.
– Samari Rolle was not out at practice this morning; this comes a day after he was out there with his helmet on. I think it is unlikely that you will see him on Sunday.
– Jonathan Ogden was at practice again, but there has been no indication as to whether he will play this Sunday or not.
I mentioned the Ravens d giving up big plays yesterday in my blog, and will discuss this more in detail when I join Rob and Spencer for Chicken Box Friday. I did find that you can look at 4 plays in the Browns game that accounted for 180 of the 303 total yards the Browns had and lead to 20 points as to an example of what went wrong.
I know it is early, but the Ravens are 2-0 when scoring first and 0-2 when the other team scores first. Of course some one here from the Ravens pointed out as well, the Ravens are 2-0 when they score more points than the other team, and 0-2 when the other team scores more points.
That is amazing.