From 1 Winning Drive: The Ravens return home

August 21, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Ravens returned to Owing Mills to continue the preseason and get ready for the regular season. During our time at practice, which is limited, here are a few observations:
Injury Update
Samari Rolle (ankle)
Mark Clayton (ankle)
Dan Wilcox (ankle)
PJ Daniels (hamstring)
Steve Edwards (knee)
-all were not on the field during the media time this morning
Back to work
Kelly Gregg
Antwan Barnes
Derrick Mason
Chris Chester
Haloti Ngata (had noticeable limp with left leg wrapped)
-all were at the media portion of practice this morning and participated in unit drills
WR Matt Willis left during the special team’s portion of practice this morning, but returned during the team drills with his left ankle wrapped.
The Ravens were in doors this morning which caused Ed Reed to come out on the field and start saying that this was is not football, “back in the day you played football in the rain, sleet, snow, whatever, were are getting to cute.” Before people get all worked up, Ed was joking and laughing while he said it.
I received some props from Rick Neuheisel who apparently found out about the media football throwing competition and congratulated me on it. For the uninitiated, some of us in the media tried to copy what Rick Neuheisel does with easy every day. You stand on a yard line and throw the football and try to hit the cross bar. I hit it from the 20yd line and twice from the 25, which fails in comparison to Rick who can hit it with ease from anywhere from the 40-50yd line.
Email me with any questions you might have about the Ravens of UFC.
I will be back with more notes after the media time for interviews this afternoon.