From the ballpark: Opening day fever is going, going…gone (7:05 pm)

April 08, 2009 | Drew Forrester

7:05 pm —

About 15,000 people are here right now for Game 2 of the O’s/Yankees series and at least HALF the crowd is adorned in dark blue.

Koji Uehara is set to make his major league debut tonight and there are easily 100 members of the Japanese media on hand to witness it.

I called the opener at 5-4 O’s win.  It wasn’t 5-4, but it was a win.  I count that, so put me down as 1-0 on the year.

I’m calling this one:  O’s 6 – Yankees 4.

Let the good times roll.

Nestor’s live blogging at, so keep up with the happenings here via that blog and I’ll chat with you in the morning at 6:07 am.





6:15 pm update —

If Monday was a sea of orange (and it was…) then Wednesday is a sea of blue.

It looks like a filming of A Bronx Tale 2 here at Camden Yards.  

The “New Yawkers” are crammed 10 deep from behind the visitor’s dugout all the way down the left field line.  There are, at least, 1,000 Yankees fans camped out down near the field trying to catch a glimpse of Jeter and Co.

Meanwhile, about 150 O’s fans are stationed behind the home dugout.

They’ve arrived.

And I don’t mean the sea of orange, either.




5:20 pm update —

O’s DH/LF Luke Scott took 25 minutes worth of grounders at first base during tonight’s batting practice at OPACY.  I know he had some “work” at first during spring training, but this looked like a fairly serious session under the watchful eye of manager Dave Trembley.  The skipper admitted during his daily sit-down with the media earlier today that he’s going to be in a pinch all season to get playing time for Scott, Felix Pie, Ty Wigginton and Ryan Freel.

Perhaps getting Scott some work at first base could lead to a mid-summer experiment where Luke is able to spell Aubrey Huff on occasion?  

If that’s not at least a thought in Trembley’s mind, why would they have him out there today on the second day of the season taking grounders?

I like the idea.  I’m a Luke Scott fan, in fact.


4:15 pm update —

Here are the starting lineups for tonight’s 2nd game of the O’s/Yankees series at OPACY.  

Yankees —

1. Derek Jeter – SS

2. Johnny Damon – LF

3. Mark Teixeira – 1B

4. Hideki Matsui – DH

5. Jorge Posada – C

6. Robinson Cano – 2B

7. Xavier Nady – RF

8. Cody Ransom – 3B

9. Brett Gardner – CF

Starting pitcher:  Chien-Ming Wang – P


Orioles —

1. Brian Roberts – 2B

2. Adam Jones – CF

3. Nick Markakis – RF

4. Aubrey Huff – 1B

5. Melvin Mora – 3B

6. Luke Scott – DH

7. Felix Pie – LF

8. Gregg Zaun – C

9. Cesar Izturis – SS

Starting pitcher: Koji Uehara