From the end zone

December 05, 2007 | Keith Melchior

I don’t  know what I can say that hasn’t already been said about the Ravens’ loss to the Patriots last night, but I’ll try to think of something…. here goes;
Last I looked there were no moral victory standings in the paper. A loss is a loss and unfortunately the momentum doesn’t carry over from week to week.
From section 513 it looked like the middle of the field was wide open on numerous occasions.
The most damaging instance was the 4th and 6 when Brady scrambled 10 yards on that last drive.
The NFL needs to hire officials on a full time basis, especially when paying the salaries they do to the officials. I don’t recall hearing about any of these guys being your typical 9 to 5ers as electricians, laborers, grave diggers, factory workers, truck drivers, or lab technicians. These guys have white collar jobs like sales managers, insurance salesmen, executives, CEO’s, car dealers, etc..
How can there be NO holding penalties during an NFL game one week and numerous holding penalties on other weeks? Is it selective officiating? "Let’s let the holds go, but call the ticky tack stuff…" ala the crucial call in the end zone that kept the Patriots drive alive..
Ed Reed may be a playmaker, BUT he is also a showboat. How many times has he fumbled away returns by trying to make a big play? I’m sorry but when you get the ball in the other team’s side of the 50, you have to protect the ball and let your offense have a chance to score.
Bottom line….. when you are 11-0 you are getting the breaks, when you are 4-7 you have to make your breaks, they aren’t going to come easy. Last season the 13-3 Ravens got those breaks, this season they’ve had more injuries than touchdowns. You can’t win that way.
For those morons who continually bash Brian Billick and claim he "lost" the team last night, get your heads out of your asses. The coach doesn’t tell a player to go after an official with "malice in his heart" (T-Fizzle in Detroit) or toss a flag into the stands (Bart Scott) The play calling last night was good. The Ravens were successfully running the ball in the 2nd half, but for some reason the offensive line appeared to lose it’s momentum and failed to get the push they had earlier in the half during the one TD drive. When the basic blocking isn’t there, you can’t fault the play calling. Were they just tired?
The defense allowed New England to march downfield and score after almost every Ravens score. They are not as dominating as they claim to be. Lack of a consistent pass rush and applying pressure to Brady was evident and led to the illegal contact and holding penalties against the secondary. Luckily the Patriot receivers had a case of Clarencemooreitis a few times.
When will the sponsors of the giveaways get a little more creative? I swear I think I have about acquired about 50 different towels over the last 10 years.  Other temas give away bobbleheads, dinner discount coupons, team flags, and foam finger thingies.  Gee, I can’t wait to get the Ravens team training camp picture next week.
Oh, a memo to Pittsburgh fans who claim they are not fair weather fans…. We are 4-8 now, but WE were in our seats the entire game last night, even with constant 30mph winds and 40 mph gusts with wind chills in the 20’s. You wimps can’t take a little rain … You all suck and I hope the Patriots whip your asses next weekend!!