“Frozen” Four Brackets Set

March 23, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Let me first preface this by saying that I am A-typical in regards to sports in Baltimore.  I’ve seen more Washington Capital games on TV in two days than I have seen Oriole games in 18 years.  My son knew more about the Stanley Cup than he knew about Cal Ripken in the late 90’s.  With that said, it should be no surprise that I am tracking the “Frozen” Four tournament (college hockey’s version of March Madness) instead of March Madness.  I couldn’t name five teams in the basketball tournament.  The only time I follow March Madness is when Maryland is in it.

Therefore I didn’t watch the NCAA basketball selection show ten days ago.  Instead I watched the NCAA hockey selection show on ESPN 2 last Sunday morning. 

For those of you who care; the tournament starts this Friday at 3pm.  Union College in upper state New York will play Minnesota Duluth at 3pm.  Yale plays Air Force 6:30pm, Boston College plays Colorado College at 9pm, and Michigan will play Nebraska of Omaha at 5:30pm.

On Saturday, North Dakota plays RPI at 1:30pm, Denver plays Western Michigan at 5pm, Miami of Ohio plays New Hampshire at 4pm, and Merrimac plays Notre Dame at 7:30pm Saturday.    

Now I must admit that some of these schools I have never heard about before.  But for me the hockey lover it is hockey all the same.  College hockey is fun to watch.  There is much pomp and circumstance involved.  I love the game and between the frozen four and the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs, I’m in hockey heaven. 

And again for those of you that care; all the games can be seen either on ESPN or ESPNU.