“Frozen” Four Is Good Hockey

April 10, 2010 | Marty Mossa

              April 11, 2009  Boston University vs. Miami of Ohio Verizon Center Washington, DC

If you are a true hockey fan, then ESPN is must watch TV tonight at 7pm.  The “Frozen” Four is college hockey’s version of March Madness.  Tonight Boston College (BC) goes against Wisconsin (WI)  for college hockey’s golden grail at Ford’s Field in Detroit. 

The tournament started three weeks ago as 16 teams vied for the crown.  The final four Thursday pitted BC  against Miami of Ohio, and Rhode Island Institute of Technology (RIT) against Wisconsin.  Both games were blow outs.  BC beat Miami 7-1, and Wisconsin beat RIT 8-1.

I was fortunate to have the privilege to attend last year’s championship game between Miami of Ohio and Boston University (BU) at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.  The whole atmosphere was electrifying.  Many young college students were on hand cheering on their team.  The two school bands were dueling in the stands.  The college pomp and circumstance almost made the game an afterthought. 

The game was every bit as exciting.  BU went up 1-0.  Miami scored three straight goals.  They took a 3-1 lead into the final minute of the game.  BU pulled their goalie and scored two goals in the final minute of play to tie the game.  They eventually won the game in OT 4-3.  I have been to over 350 hockey games in my life.  And I’d dare to say that I have watched over 1000 games on TV in my 40 years as a puck head.  But I have never witness neither in person nor on TV a team rallying back with two goals in the final minute to tie the game.  It was very exciting. 

Tonight I look forward to a fast paced game filled with much action.  I have no vested interest in either team, so I’m not rooting for BC nor WI, I’m rooting for OT.  If you don’t want to watch the Orioles tonight, I’d highly recommend you watching tonight’s NCAA Hockey Finals:  BC vs. WI @ 7pm on ESPN.

PS-  The Stanley Cup Tournament begins this Wednesday.  Can’t Wait!!!!!

Update:  BC beats WI 50.