Gangstas Hit College Court

December 11, 2011 | Tom Federline

Finally straight from the youngsters mouth, Tu Holloway (X-Gangstas) -“We have a bunch of gangsters over here. Not thugs, but  tough guys on the court. We went out there and zipped them up at the end of the game.” That beauty from a 2010-2011  third team all-american gaurd, project 4th best player in the country, from Xavier University. He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t keep their mouth shut during, after and evidently prior to, the Crosstown Shootout rivalry basketbrawl between Xavier and Cincinnati. Classless, imature behavior was shining brighter than the North star last evening at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The minor league for the NBA showed an ugly side. 

At least I received some verification on a few things within the past 24 hours:

1. There was a game: X-Gangstas 76 / Cincy BearThugs 53.

2. I did not know there was distinction between being a gangster and being a thug. I always thought those words shared the same connotation. What I have been preaching for years and now has become more apparent to Joe Fan – NCAA bball prepares Gangstas and Thugs to potentially enter into the National Basketball Association of Hoodlums.

3. I have a new member into the Fedman “Old School Hall of Fame” – Mick Cronin Head Coach of the Cincy BearThugs. Passionate post game interview – a do not miss, follow here –

4. Who needs the NBA? The only thing missing in this Crosstown Shootout were the guns. Gilbert Arenas supposedly was not reported to be in the Cincinnati area yesterday afternoon.

Ugly. I did not see the game. Like many, I only saw the lowlights. At first I was like, ok, some trash talkin’ during the game, which the coaches and the referees should have nipped in the bud long before the tipping point. And evidently there were “twits, tweets and twitter” attacks flying during the week between these 2 teams. Once again, how did that get out of hand? Uh-oh, don’t get me started on this “twitter” nonsense. The word “twit” is just wrong in the first place. A “twit” in most “Old schoolers” book is a numbnut, bothersome goofball not worth your time. The word just even sounds wrong. “Oh I was just twitted this groundbreaking, earth shattering news that I must twit to all of my fellow twitters.” You know what you should do? Use a phone. Yes, attempt to vocalize and have an actual conversation with someone. Frickin’ twit this.

Ok, back to the build-up. Pregame and during game trash talk, the game becomes a blow out, the gangstas start boasting. Not good. Fight. One huge dude, Yancy Gates (Cincy BearThugs) lands a few nice shots, (even if one was a cold cock), assumes boxing position, others punch, kick, taunt, bleed. Whoever said “Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting” – (Elton John), did not mean on an NCAA Basketball Court during a game. Oh yeah, they called the game with 9.4 seconds left. At that point, I shook my head, said to myself – boys getting out of hand, still immature, need some discipline, where were the coaches and figured suspensions were coming. Then came the post game, which provoked the blog.

X-Gangstas opened thier mouths and it all became realtime 2011. This is not new news. Certain college sports programs at certain universities do not lean toward the college “student  academic” aspect of a young lads stay, as much as they may lean toward the “student athlete/money maker” aspect of their stay. It’s been that way since the 70’s. The advent of televised sporting events and the funneling of big money into the universities. Please view the post game video of the Cincinnati coach. He lays it on the line in a nutshell.

Yes, this was one bad moment that got out of hand. It has happened before and it will happen again. Many lessons can be  learned from this one though. Nice move with no post game from the Cincy players. Glad somebody recognized enough damage had been done. The NCAA needs to come down heavy. The Universities need to come down heavy.

So you are a gangster, then a thug, then a hoodlum? And because you can dribble, shoot a round ball through a hoop….you get a free ride in college, really do not have to learn the english language or grammer for that matter and you can take “gettin’ disrespected” into your own hands on the playing court that affords you all these luxuries? Learn something new every day.

Keep it light gang. Stay way from ESPN for awhile. Hit up the 25 Days of Christmas movies. Watch Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown, the Grinch. Go to a Christmas show. Get through the holidays. Then gear up for Conference GangstaBall.