Gary wasn’t “given” an extension by the Terps

September 21, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Let’s make sure we all get it right before the discussions start about Gary Williams receiving a 1-year contract extension from Debbie Yow and the University of Maryland today.

Maryland didn’t “give” Gary an extension.

He earned it.

Gary’s contract with the Terps calls for automatic one-year extensions if the team advances to the NCAA tournament and meets certain academic standards.

That’s called “good negotiating” by Gary Williams and his agent.

Some might say, it’s called “bad negotiating” by Debbie Yow and Maryland, but a deal’s a deal’s a deal.

Gary Williams is now under contract until 2013.

After the half-miracle he pulled off in 2008-2009, getting that rag-tag group into the tournament AND winning a game, no less, Williams deserves the one-year extension and a yacht, if you ask me.

You don’t have to approve of Williams’ record over the last five years or so, but please don’t bellyache about Maryland “giving” Gary an extra year.

They didn’t give him anything.

He earned it.