April 20, 2009 |

The Ravens are wringing their hands as they wait for the phone to start ringing from way out west.  On the other line, the fans hope it will be  news of a trade for a Pro-Bowl receiver named Anquan Boldin.   If Baltimore wants to take the next step and get to another Super Bowl, they should do it.  Pull the trigger on a deal and get this guy.  Of course that’s easy for me to write, it’s not my money and not my draft picks.  I do think Boldin is worth a pair of picks including the number one the Ravens have in the 26th slot.  As far as giving Arizona another pick?  I would not let them have the 3rd rounder, but throwing in the 5th rounder should not be out of the question.

When you get this close to the NFL draft, it all becomes a high stakes poker game.  The Ravens want Boldin at the right price.  The Cardinals want to get rid of Boldin….at the right price.  Who will blink first.  My guess is it will be Arizona.  They really would love to send him and his big salary packing and the organization knows they are in a grace period with their fan base thanks to last year’s miraculous Super Bowl run.  If they ever have a window to trade Boldin, it is now. 

Certainly giving up that first round pick is a tough pill to swallow.  Not only for GM Ozzie Newsome, but for Ravens draftniks as well.  There is some talk that a great wide receiver might be available when the Ravens make their pick should they choose to hold onto it.  Not to burst any bubbles, but finding an impact receiver and one of Boldin’s caliber at number 26 just isn’t gonna happen. As much hype as there is around WR’s  Heyward-Bey, Hakeem Nix and Percy Harvin, not one of them is in the class of an Anquan Boldin.   Game changers at that position come along about once every ten years.  (Unless you are the Detriot Lions and you believe they come along every year.) For every Terrell Owens that  comes into the league and dominates, you get a bunch of Keyshawn Johnson’s, or Chad Johnson’s, or Charles Johnson’s.  Heck, pick a Johnson any Johnson!  The point is Boldin is a proven commodity.  Everyone knows he is already great and will stay that way for at least five more years.  The Ravens would probably settle for great this one year and a trip to the big game.    As the clock ticks closer to the Ravens being on the clock, time winds down in trying to make this deal.  It should get done.  Let’s all hope it does get done.