Getting to know Jason Garrett

January 15, 2008 |

-Here is a story about who Garrett has learned under since he has been in the league; the list is very impressive in the story from

-Here is a great story about Jason and his life growing up and his emphasis on family from the Dallas News.

-This story is about Jason and how his father has ties to both the Falcons and Ravens organization from the Dallas News.

-Back in December in The Sporting News, Troy Aikman wrote a column about Jason being a great head coach in waiting.

This article from 1998 in the N.Y. Times talks about when Jason went in to replace Troy at quarterback. It is pretty interesting, seeing some of the comments that guys like Emmitt Smith were making about Jason.

-Jay Novacek sang the praises of Jason and his work with Jason Witten in this article from an Arlington, Tx. Website.

-USA Today‘s Chris Colston just did a very good, very in depth article on Jason and his life story. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I’ll provide more information as I find it…