Glenn Clark, you disappoint me!

October 07, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Let me say this…I thoroughly enjoy the banter between morning host Drew Forrester and producer Glenn Clark. You guys are good, real good, and it makes those mornings when I’m on daywork (waking up at freakin 5 am sucks) so much more tolerable. But I have to take Glenn to task for a stunt he pulled this past Wednesday. I called the show immediately following the airing of the Danny Brierre (who cares if that’s how you spell his stupid name) goal that gave the Filthadelphia Flyers at 6-5 win over our beloved Washington Capitals. And as I sit here at 10:39 that same night, hearing the replay of the show….Glenn, you did us wrong.

Forget about the fact that the Caps are a Washington team. As a former Skipjack and Bandit season ticket holder, I have always accepted the Caps as my major league hockey team. The AHL isn’t the NHL, no matter how much we wanted to BS ourselves. When I played youth hockey at Mount Pleasant Ice Arena, I always wanted to emulate my heroes of the time, Kelly Miller, Dale Hunter (Hi Pierre Turgeon), and Al Iafrate. I have always loved the Capitals and when I heard Glenn play Joe Beninati’s call of Brierre’s goal this morning at the expense of Drew….a small part of me died. And Glenn, you are responsible, my friend.

I can accept the fact that you hate all things Washington. I HATE the Deadskins and Nationals (even though the suck). But the Caps are off limits. They have always embraced Baltimore, and will always be our hometown hockey team. The Flyers are the NHL equivalent of the Steelers. And for you to play that “low”light this morning…well, let’s just say, it ranks right up there with the video of the Mayflower vans pulling out of Owings Mills in 1984. Or are you too young to remember that?

I like listening to you Glenn, and reading your blogs. You and Drew are very good. But just like the Orioles, you have disappointed me. And I like you, just a little less….but Laura is still cool.