Gonzalez Has To Go

April 09, 2010 | Erich Hawbaker

Perhaps I was expecting too much going into this year. I don’t know what the record will look like by September, but I do know that the Orioles should be 3-1 right now and instead they’re 1-3. I also don’t know what led the coaching staff to decide that Mike Gonzalez was going to be our closer this year, because I haven’t seen anything yet that would lead me to make the same decision.

I read most of the blogs on here, and I’ve heard both sides of the argument on Dave Trembley. I generally like the guy and I have defended him in the past when people blamed him for things that aren’t his fault. I guess Gonzalez’s awful performance up until now isn’t technically Trembley’s fault either, but he’s still the boss. And just now, I watched him use only three words to answer the obvious question in the postgame interview. “He’s the closer.”

That’s it? Really?

To me, today’s loss is about as disheartening as the infamous Mothers’ Day Massacre of a couple years ago. Today you had a record crowd on hand for the home opener; 48000+ plus fans, many of whom really believe that this will finally be the year that the Orioles do something other than suck. And instead, they got to see this new guy cost their team the second game inside of the first week of the season. That’s unacceptable.

We tried the whole “effectively wild” thing with George Sherrill. One could argue that it even worked most of the time. But it’s not working now. And it needs to be fixed.

The Yankees wouldn’t put up with this. The Red Sox wouldn’t put up with this. The Phillies wouldn’t put up with this. And if we’re going to compete with them, we can’t either.