Goodell Needs To Go- Part II

January 27, 2014 | Marty Mossa

The other day I wrote about how Roger Goodell is taking the most watched, most popular sport in North America and ruining it. I gave several reasons why he is brick by brick tearing down a great game.

Here’s a review of the list:
* inconsistently flagged blow to the head penalties.
* moving kickoff up five yards.
* silly games in London.
* PC Police Chief Goodell wants to rename Redskins.
* Outdoor Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey.
* Getting rid of the PAT & having the option of going for “gamble” points.

I thought of two other goofy things the commish wants to do.

Mr. Goodell in his inherent wisdom wants to add two more playoff teams to the mix. Right now 12 of 32 NFL teams make the post season. That’s a rate of 38%. Twelve teams making the playoffs is enough.

But now Roger the Dodger wants to add two more teams. He wants to add one more team per conference meaning that 14 teams would play beyond week 17. That would mean 44% of the 32 teams would qualify for a chance to go to the show.

Roger wants to dummy down the postseason and undermine the regular season. Prior to the 1991-1992 season, the National Hockey League had only 21 teams. Yet sixteen teams qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs. That was ridiculous.

Does the NFL want to go the way of the NHL? Hasn’t the NFL already cheapened the playoff season? This year alone you had an 8-8 and an 8-7-1 team qualify for post season. During the 2010 season, the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record. Does the NFL really want to water down the playoffs even more?

If 8-8 & 7-9 teams can qualify for the playoffs with the current system, what could we see if 14 teams qualify? Could we see more 8-8 teams, or 7-9 teams or even 6-10 teams qualify for the post season? Come on commissioner leave the game alone.

Finally, why won’t King Roger grow a pair and get rid of the Pro Bowl. As if the game wasn’t a joke enough, it has gotten even more ridiculous. Instead of playing AFC Conference against the NFC Conference; we had a “school” yard style game. The NFL in their great wisdom has decided to have “Neon” Deon Sanders and Jerry Rice to pick sides. Even greats like John Madden commented about what a joke it has become.

“It’s become an embarrassment, it’s become a joke, and as they seek to improve it, it’s become an even bigger joke”

Just for the heck of it; I watched about 5 minutes of it to see if it would really be a circus. The uniforms for both squads resembled something from a lazar tag game with kids running around. The pants had florescent stripes on them. It’s a shame they didn’t play at night. They could have put black lights in the towers to make the players glow in the dark. Team Rice won 22-21.

Being the politician that he is, King Roger liked what he saw. He felt the players worked hard this year and played to win. “I believe it was a very, very positive step and I salute the players and I’m glad they had so much fun,” Goodell said. ”And I think fans had a fun time watching – I know I did.” ( But then you can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day, it’s still a pig.

In regards to a TV audience. The Emmys on CBS easily beat the Pro Bowl on NBC. Among adults 18-49, CBS averaged a 8.1 rating for Sunday night, easily tops in the key demographic. NBC was a distant second with a 3.1 key demo rating, followed by the 1.3 key demo rating for both ABC and FOX.

In my humble opinion, whatever the NFL spends on that ridiculous game, they should put it towards hiring full time, competent referees.