Got to love Pre-season.Not.

August 09, 2010 |

So last night was the start to this 2010-2011 football season and none other than “America’s Team” aka the Dallas Cowboys and the team with now not only one but two hotshots (Ochocinco and TO), the Cincinnati Bengals played to open up the season in Canton, Ohio. Pre-season is always fun because it gets all the fans back in to football mode, but the fact that no one important ever really plays until regular season starts makes it lose it luster a bit.

Last night’s pre-season game was properly scheduled though, so it was right in the heart of where the NFL Hall of Fame ceremony took place the night before. Seven memorable NFL greats were inducted: Jerry Rice, Emmett Smith, Russ Grimm, John Randle, Rickey Jackson, Dick LeBeau, and Floyd Little.

Throughout the pre-season game all of the Hall of Fame inductee’s were interviewed which was by far was the main highlight of last night’s game. If not for all the Hall of Fame excitement, the game itself would have been a snooze. Other than the few plays by Dallas rookies that were somewhat exciting it was a pretty boring game overall. The Bengals J.T. O’ Sullivan looked like a joke. Poor guy. Hopefully for the Bengals Carson Palmer stays healthy all year. If he does I’m sure he’ll be doing a lot of passing to either one of his two big targets, Ochocinco and TO. TO made a lot of catches in his Bengals short-lived debut last night. After the 1st team went off though, it was nothing but 3 and outs basically the rest of the night for them.

All in all it was a good start for Dallas but not the most interesting pre-season game we’ve seen. Then again how many of them really are?

Still looking forward to the start of the Ravens season this Thursday night though! They always know how to start the season off with a bang.