Grand Prix: A Win Win for Baltimore

September 03, 2011 | Marty Mossa

What a great day.  My son and I attended the Grand Prix today in downtown.  How cool it was to see cars racing through the streets of downtown Baltimore at speeds of 180 mph.  There was so much to do I can’t go into all of it.

Not only was it exciting to actually see the race (my first even racing experience), but all the activities there were.  Nick and I went into the Convention Center and saw all the Indy race cars up close.  We saw Danica Patrick up close as she signed autographs.  We were practically at arm’s length of her, and we posted her picture on face book. 

The atmosphere was great.  People were walking around just enjoying the day.  There were no beer gardens, because the racing fans were civilized enough to be trusted to walk around with their alcohol. 

Nick and I watched two races, and toured the entire race car experience which stretched from Pratt Street to M&T Bank Stadium.  It was an exciting time and I can’t wait to watch the two races tomorrow on vs. from 12 noon to 5pm.