Great Job Team!

November 01, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Well the Ravens came up big today.  They not only beat the 6-0 Broncos, but they also beat the God awful NFL refs.  The zebras did everything in their power to hand the game to Denver on a silver platter.  Despite all the terrible calls against them, the Ravens were determined not to let the 2009 season slip away.

     I want to give props to Defensive Coordinator Gregg Mattison for having his squad prepared for today’s game.  I trashed him two weeks ago.  Great job Gregg!  Now lets go into Cincy and beat the Bengals.  I still feel its a single elimination situation.  The Ravens still MUST beat the Bengals.  In doing so they would have identical 5-3 records.  Losing next week would put us at 4-4 and two games behind Cincy.  Go Ravens and win in Cincy.

57-51-1 against the spread