Greatest Idea for a Tournament EVER

August 26, 2008 |

Okay, maybe that was a little heavy on the hyperbole.   But WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Andrew and I plan to run a tournament called “Most Annoying, Vile, Hated, Needs to Be Punched Sports Figure Of All Time”.  We’re going to seed the top 32 most annoying, vile- well you get the rest- to determine a winner. 

Below is a list I’ve compiled including athletes, coaches, an owner and some well known sports announcers.  We deliberately stayed away from murderers so O.J Simpson wasn’t included and we may move the sportscasters to their own tournament in the future. 

Did I miss any?  Are there people on this list who don’t belong?  I’m sure that some of these choices will rile feathers and they don’t necessarily reflect our personal opinion.  We need to pare this down to 32 and then we’ll run 4 matches a day in the first round… two a day in the second round and then the quarter, semis and finals will all run in the same week.  Have fun! 

Barry Bonds- Steroids, surly, obnoxious and hated by some teammates

Curt Schilling- Loves the sound of his own voice (and blog) as much as any pitcher to ever play the game.

Ty Cobb- The Granddaddy of a**holes. 

Pete Rose- Just a jerk who thinks he’s the best to ever play.

Terrel Owens-  Do I even need to describe?

Pacman Jones- The embodiment of everything wrong with the NFL… well until he became Mr. “Goodelltwoshoes”

Ray Lewis- Sorry Ravens fans but people around the country have been annoyed by his dancing and bold predictions for years.

Michael Phelps- Had to throw him in there.  Nothing against him personally.  But isn’t the press coverage just tiring? He won’t make the 32 I promise!

Tiger Woods- Vain, egotistical and TOO GOOD AT GOLF!

Kobe Bryant- Has a way of turning every press conference into a reason to smack him.

Brett Favre- “I’m in… I’m out.  I’m freakin’ ANNOYING!”

Rafael Palmiero- Lied to congress and couldn’t be trusted around your girlfriend.

Mark McGwire- Personally, I was rooting for Sosa.

Sammy Sosa- Wow, was rooting for HIM a mistake!

Jose Canseco- Enough with the books already.  Got beaten to a pulp by Vai Sikihema.  Did I spell that right?

Alex Rodriguez- Pretty.  Talented.  INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.

Chad Johnson- Just a fun loving guy who loves catching passes, right? 

Michael Irvin- Was actually glad when he got hurt. 

Bill Belichick- Doctor Doom.

Joe Theisman- In my opinion, the most annoying broadcaster ever. 

Michael Vick- Woof… Woof

Bill Romanowski- Mean, nasty… hopped up on drugs.

Manny Ramirez- Ask the Red Sox travelling secretary what HE thinks.

Roger Clemens- Surely a favorite to win the tournament

Erik Bedard- In his brief stay here he made a lot of enemies.  Hated even more in Seattle.

Bob Feller- Known as a jerk.

Deion Sanders- Neon Deon… The King of the third person reference.

Jeff Gordon- I have no problem with him but fans of NASCAR do.

Mike Tyson- An absolute maniac.

Jerry Jones- Tell me YOU don’t want to smack him.

Nick Saban- Too cool for school… Then too cool for the NFL… Then…

Albert Belle- Mr. Angry.  Mr. Hurt.  The meanest man since Ty Cobb.

Reggie Miller-  This one’s personal.  A big crybaby!

John Stockton- Everytime he did that stupid flop I wanted to stomp on his guts.

Reggie Jackson-  Still thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Joe Buck- It’s that damn cleft in his chin.

Chris Berman- Opened the door to a lot of over excited sports nonsense.

Steven A. Smith- Loud, louder, loudest.

Stuart Scott- Boo NAH!

Linda Cohn- Can’t explain it.  Might just be an issue with women in sports who aren’t Erin Andrews.

Steve Spurrier- God’s gift to coaching.  Just ask him.

Rasheed Wallace- Whining with every no-call.

Derek Jeter- Hey, this is Baltimore, right?


Isiah Thomas- A human puke stain

Bill Walton- Makes me hate basketball

Peyton Manning- Submitted by a WNST employee and, yeah, pretty damn annoying.

Danny Ainge- How the hell did I miss him?