Gutted Super Bowl Champs Were At Least Competitive

December 29, 2013 | Marty Mossa

Obviously we at Ravens Nation are very disappointed that our World Champions will not have a chance to repeat. But lets take a moment to reflect about everything that has transpired since the confetti flowed down over our Super Bowl XLVII Champions last February.

The Ravens lost: Anquan Boldin to the SF 49’ers, Elerbe to the Miami Dolphins, center Matt Burke retired, Ed Reed flew to Houston, and someone by the name of Ray Lewis retired. Oh yea, Dennis Pitta broke his hip and came back only three weeks ago.

Oh yea, and the 2012 AFC North Champs had to play Denver, New England, Green Bay, Chicago, Pitt as well.

With all the changes, with all the holes, did anyone really believe the 2013 Baltimore Ravens would be competitive? The mere fact that the Ravens had a chance to make the post season in week 17 should be enough to satisfy Baltimore sports fans.

Of course the Ravens should have beaten Green Bay here, (four tries inside the 5 and nothing), and in Chicago (three tries inside the 5 & nothing). They should have beaten Buffalo, Cleveland & Pittsburgh on the road. The Ravens lost a hand full of games by 3 points or less, but they won a hand full of games by less than one score as well. This team could really have ended up 2-14, or 12-4.

Yes it was disappointing, but we at Ravens Nations are spoiled. There are a hand full of us who were there from the day Mark Viviano announced on Channel 11 in November of 1995 that the Browns were coming to Baltimore.

Those of us who came in on the ground floor remember the Ted Marchabroda days when the Ravens season was done by Halloween.

This team was gutted, yet competitive, I think this should give us hope for years to come.