Hall of Fame votes must terrify Roger Clemens

January 06, 2011 | John West

With the announcement of the class of 2011 MLB Hall of Fame yesterday, there were very few surprises. Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven got in, Barry Larkin got close, and Jeff Bagwell got far fewer votes than he should have. Overall, it was a story, but most of this is a non-story. With one 800lb elephant in the room exception and that’s Rafael Palmeiro and steroids. And it’s this elephant that must, and I will add hopefully, be driving Roger Clemens crazy. What do I mean by this?

Rafael Palmeiro is a no brain Hall of Fame member. His numbers are even worth mentioning because they are not debatable. Let’s just say there are 4 people EVER to have amassed a total of at least 500 home runs AND at least 3000 hits. They are Henry Aaron, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, and Rafael Palmeiro. Both Aaron and Mays are in any top 5 list of all time greats, and in 1999 when the Sporting News ranked all the best baseball players ever, Eddie Murray was 77th. There is no mistaking that awesomeness of this short list of 4 players and their place in the Hall of Fame.

Yet in his first attempt Rafael Palmeiro got 11% of the vote. Only 11% of MLB sports writers voted for Rafael Palmeiro. WOW!!! Now, I don’t want this blog necessarily be about this, but I have to go over this detail to get to my point.

Let me review….Roger Clemens will going to jail. Just like Michael Vick went to jail, Roger Clemens is going to jail. He lied to the Feds and they caught him. They have evidence enough to convict and they will. That’s the only reason the Feds brought charges, they know they will convict. Michael Vick knew this and took a deal. Roger Clemens has made the other choice.

Roger Clemens has decided that his legacy if more important than his freedom. A strange choice for most of us as we don’t have a legacy to worry about, normal people would choose freedom over incarceration. Not Roger Clemens. He made the decision several years ago that his legacy, which includes induction into the MLB Hall of Fame, is more important than his freedom.

So Roger Clemens see’s the vote totals yesterday and has to be screaming “these are the guys who I am banking on for voting me into the Hall of Fame???” This is a really bad plan. This group of writers said loudly yesterday with Rafael Palmeiro getting only 11% of the vote that steroids are keeping you out. And it won’t be close.

And as someone who has rooted against Roger Clemens his entire life, I cannot wait to write him letters in jail. Heck, I’ll post them right here.