Haloti, Ngata Household Name?

November 04, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

“Why is everyone standing in line?”
“Haloti Ngata is signing autographs at the sports memorabilia store”
Blank stare— “Who’s that?” or “Oh that’s cool” but still not knowing who he is.
That was an actual conversation I had at least ten times on Tuesday night.
Haloti Ngata, was signing autographs and posing for pictures, at a sports memorabilia store on the Avenue in White Marsh.
All, but one, of the people was wearing at least one piece of Ravens clothing.
I was absolutely dumbfounded. How can, even a casual fan, not know who Haloti Ngata is?
Drafted #12 overall in 2006, this is now his fifth season in the league, all in Baltimore. So there isn’t the excuse of he’s new in town or a rookie.
He’s been one of the most dominant defensive players in the league over the course of his career.
To be wearing Ravens gear and not know who he is astounds me. I can understand not knowing Prince Miller, David Reed, maybe even Chris Carr. But Ngata is on the level of a Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Todd Heap. At least in his abilities on the field. He should be at that level off the field.
I can understand not knowing what he looks out of uniform, but to not even know his name is ridiculous.