Happy with the teams…….

December 27, 2009 |

As we all know I am a super huge Washington Capitals Fan, but that is not where I am starting today, there is something else buzzing in my head.

The Baltimore Orioles- A close friend of mine bought a 13 game season ticket plan, as we all know about the fiasco we know as the Orioles, I was curious. I had been reading about the pick ups, and that has me optimistic. I am absolutely interested in seeing how our pitching pick ups will pan out and fit ultimately in our puzzle, seems like each year they throw everything in a box, shake it up and tell Trembley lets see where they land, and that’s what you have, and not to mention lets call up some green pitchers and let them get slaughtered. I like where the team is moving right now. I played baseball forever, and I like getting out and playing softball it reminds me of the days I dreamed of being an Oriole, who knows this year I might buy a jersey this year,

The Baltimore Ravens- Today is a big day, I can not wait to watch it. Being able to knock off the Steelers from the Playoff’s!!?!?! Holy Christmas, the only thing better would be to knock the Colts off. Football has so many variables from week to week for me a novice to get into.

Before Christmas I had the opportunity to play in a Charity co-ed two hand touch football game. Those are so much fun for me, because I not only get to play around with my friends but it supported Santa Clause Anonymous. I got to throw my signature Hail Mary Pass. It was beautiful, I was still in the pocket about to be rushed and I let it rip from the hip, didn’t even step into it…… A 45 some yard pass that almost hit my lightning fast 6’3″ receiver in the head, dammit why didn’t he turn around! Ah well it was fun.

The Washington Capitals- I am super excited about the Caps, I think this is the year. I have never seen so many goals this early into the season! After last nights game I am confident they have the defensive combinations to keep a lead against teams that hurt them early in the season. Offensive Juggernauts! It is ridiculous, and if they are down 2-0 after the second, WATCH THE THIRD PERIOD or you will be sorely dissapointed. Jesus Mary and Joseph, you never know who is going to strike, and who is going to wake up and get the team the win!

Alrighty folks, I am off to a buddy’s preparing for the Ravens game! I love it Rock the Purple. Rock The Red, and The Orange & Black.

Greatful for everyone, and see you in the New Year, by the way my girlfriend bought me Capitals tickets for Christmas, she knows the way to my heart.