Harbaugh does some rearranging of the furniture

February 13, 2008 |

New Ravens coach John Harbaugh spoke exclusively to only a couple of members in the media yesterday and had some interesting things to say.

(Just for the record, there were only a few members invited to the session, so I can only report what is in the paper.)

I thought Harbaugh’s take on the locker room situation and rearranging it was pretty interesting. Last year and previous years under Brian Billick, the guys were grouped together by their position except for:

*  Steve McNair who is next to Ray Lewis

* Ed Reed and Willis McGahee, who were on the far end of the locker room at the end of what is referred to as “Green Mile,” where all the practice squad guys are.

Ray Lewis had a corner locker where Chris McAlister was two lockers down from him, and in line with the rest of the corner backs.

McNair was next to him, then it was the linebackers spots occupied by Dan Cody and Terrell Suggs and the rest of their group.

It will be interesting to see how it will be received by guys on the team, and if it will stay the way that it is assigned by the coach.

There have been some players in the past who have questioned why certain players did not have to stay with the rest of their position and can move freely around the locker room.

I understand Harbaugh’s thought process going into changing it around, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out with the players.

I know it sounds elementary to a certain degree, with moving guys’ lockers around, but it may be something that someone complained to the coach about it and he thought that it was an issue.

Only time will tell.