Have a seat and let “The Answer Man” take care of you

September 23, 2009 | Drew Forrester

That’s what they call me around here.

“The Answer Man”.

When there’s an issue or a question, they turn to me.

It’s a role I’ve accepted with grace and enthusiasm.

I don’t quite feel like the Dali Lama, but I’m in that sphere, I suppose.

So if you have a question today, I’ll let you throw it at me and give you the answer you deserve and expect.

Just please don’t ask me this one:  “I thought you were going to be the ballpark reporter for WNST this season.  What happened?”

The reason I don’t want you to ask me that question is because you already KNOW the answer.  The O’s decided NOT to treat me like the rest of the ballpark reporters in town.  I decided to react to their discriminatory practices by NOT going to the ballpark anymore.

Now, if you have another question of any kind, fire away.  By the way, all of you who ask a question are entered into a drawing to — ready for this? — select the Comcast Morning Show’s “Friday Featured Artist” this Friday.  You will, of course, get appropriately mentioned throughout the show for your musical contribution on Friday.

Oh, speaking of music, Happy 60th Birthday to the greatest rock-n-roller we’ve all ever known…Mr. Bruce Springsteen.