Replacing Matt Stover

August 31, 2009 |

Not since Brooks Robinson retired has a Baltimore Sports figure’s legend grew the longer he was away from the game.  While frequently referred to as “auto-Matt-ic,” Stover was good but not perfect. He started last season missing a couple field goals and people were saying he had finally lost it. He rebounded and had another wonderful season. While we should be extremely grateful, we need to realize that it is time to replace him.

Steve Hauschka needs to be the Ravens kicker this season. The pining for Stover needs to end. We can’t afford to treat Hauschka like we did Doug DeCinces when he replaced Brooks at third. How many balls did DeCinces not get to that Baltimore fans immediately exclaimed “Brooks would have had that one.”? Too many. Are we going to do the same thing anytime any field goal kicker misses a field goal the next couple of season?

It is time to move on from Stover and give the job to young kicker like Steve Hauschka. The Ravens must commit to that kicker so he isn’t looking over his should to see if the Ravens front office or coaching staff is on the phone with Stover.

Stover was wonderful. It is time to move on.