Hello world!

September 17, 2009 |

Hello World!  This is my first blog and my first time blogging so hopefully you will all enjoy my rants and can either agree or disagree with what I say.  First, let me start off by telling you a little something about me.  I am a diehard Orioles and Ravens fan.  I am from Baltimore and love Baltimore, my first love is the Orioles and they will always be my first love no matter what crap they put me through.  They can knock me down and punch me as many times as they will like, and I will always come back for more.  This comes from my father who instilled in me the love for the Orioles.  My father was an imigrant from Belfast, Northern Ireland and when he arrived he gravitated to baseball.  He always loved the Orioles and would support them no matter what come hell or high water.  Sadly, my father passed 4 years ago this past March and he was only able to watch this awful team that keeps getting put out onto the field over these last 12 years.  I wish he could have lived to see them achieve what they did in 96 and 97 and have the same feeling that we had at that time during playoff time and going into October, but that didn’t happen.  In my blogs I will mostly speak about baseball because it is my first love, but I will also discuss other topics as well whatever catches my eye.  I called my blog “Sick and Tired” as a testament to how I feel about my beloved O’s.  I plan to enter these blogs often because I have a lot to say and hopefully you can chime in if you like what you read or even if you don’t.  Thanks for reading and “Go O’s.”