January 06, 2010 |

A look Back at the year that was 2009 as well as a look back over the past 25 years and then a look ahead for what might be in store for fans of sports team from the state of Maryland in 2010 and beyond.

The year began with the Ravens impromptu run to the AFC championship. Ending with a bone-crushing battle against the Steelers. A nice little playyoff run was a good way to start off the year though.

The Terps get back in the dance beating Cal before bowing to Memphis in the 2nd round. Not much but better than losing in the 2nd round of the NIT!

The O’s struggled thru a 98 loss season. I am sick of watching an inferior product but will continue to do. What choice do I have? I have been an O’s fan longer than I have been a fan of any other team. My first sports memory is 1970 and the O’s winning the World Series. I guess there was no place left to go but down from there.  Well. I think I have officially reached the bottom. Now hopefully the climb back to the top can begin.

Maryland football- I long for the days of Bob Avelinni, Mark Manges, Boomer, Gelbaugh, Frank Reich etc… Heck even Shaun Hill or Scott McBrien. But what a lousy year the Terps had in’09.

 Fortunately living in Annapolis, I do have a winning college football team to cheer for. The Mid’s won 10 games, crushed Missouri in the Texas Bowl and won the commander-in-chief trophy for the 7th straight year. And Oh year beat Army once again.

The Capitals should have fared better in the 2009 playoffs but once again a team from Pittsburgh was the demise of one of my teams.

As the first decade of this new millenium ends, I realize that the folks in places like NY, Boston, Gainesville, Chapel Hill and Pittsburgh probably take for granted championships or even coming close because for them it happens with a bit of frequency. For me since graduating H.S in 1981 , I  can count on both hands titles or losing deep in a playoff run but the teams I hold near and dear to my heart.

1983 O’s
1984 Terps ACC BBall Tourney Champs
1984 Terps Football # 9 Natl Ranking ACC Champs Sun Bowl Champs
1996 and 97 O’s- F. U Jeffrey Mayer!
1998 Cap’s Stanley Cup Finals
2000 Ravens -Super Bowl Champs
2001 Terps Basketball Final 4
2002 Terps Football #10 Natl Ranking ACC Champs went to the Orange Bowl
2002 Terps Basketball Natl Champs
2004 Terps Basketball ACC Champs
2008 Ravens- AFC Championship Game.

Ok- so I have to have 6 fingers on each hand. But break it down and my top 5 moments in the last 25 or so years

5- Cap’s 1998 Stanley Cup Finalist
4- Terps 2002- ACC Football Champs Orange Bowl Appearance
3- O’s 1983 World Series
2 – Terps 2002 Natl Championship
1- Ravens 2000 Super Bowl Champs

next- 2010 and beyond