The Day After…Yes Bmore, Things Will Get Better

January 17, 2010 |

Well it’s about 24 hours removed from another painful ending to the Ravens season. As difficult as it was to watch, be thankful you’re not a Chargers fan. I cannot wait to purchase my daily NY Post tomorrow. Guess the headlines will be something like, “JETS WIN, NO KAEDING.”
Here’s one Raven’s fan who happy as hell for Rex and his boys. I just wish it could have been an “all wild card” conference championship.

As for the future and any worries you might have, just remember these four words, “in Ozzie we trust”. I’m confident that a prized wideout will be part of training camp 2010 and also believe that it won’t cost us too much in the way of draft picks. In no special order, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the following are running post patterns at M and T next fall…

1) Brandon Marshall — I’ll take the baggage plus the gobbles of talent that come with him. Unfortunately I think that the NFL’s version of Peter Angelos just a little way down 95 south is going to give up the farm to bring him in. Merry Xmas Mike Shanahan.

2) Vincent Jackson — Great size, hands, speed and goes over the middle to boot. I’m praying that SD decides to keep the more inexpensive and equally talented ….

3) Malcom Floyd — Also has size and speed to spare and is clearly a “poor man’s” VJax…

4) T.O. — There I said it. I can see him running out to Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”. Clearly he’s not the T.O. he once was, but would be not as costly as the above names still believes he has something to prove.

Please feel free to add any I missed (not a big fan of Boldin). But remember, the sun will rise tomorrow and things in Haiti are still horribly depressing. Take care and go J-E-T-S baby….