To Me Kyle Boller was the definition of “Heart”

April 09, 2009 |

If you’re a true sports fan how can you not feel A) a bit saddened or B) extremely happy and proud that Kyle Boller signed with a team? Especially with the St. Louis Rams to play backup to an injury prone Mark Bulger. In all of Baltimore’s Quarterback controversies I can only think of one man who had to deal with so much adversity in all aspects of the game. Kyle Boller gave us six years of heart and soul no matter who or what tried to bring him down. I was one of the record 70,501 fans in M&T Bank Stadium on that memorable Sunday night nationally televised opening game in 2005. I was appalled when Kyle Boller went down and most of the stadium cheered. Our fans are great no doubt about it but that was a classless act. But Kyle brushed it off and kept doing his thing. Kyle was burned on numerous occasions by the newspaper and national sports shows but he fought through it and continued trying to get better. He never gave up. He was the starting quarterback from the get go after being drafted 19th overall in the 2003 draft. Since then he’s been injured off and on and the Ravens signed veteran Steve McNair.  He was content with the signing of McNair and was ready to be a back up and eager to learn from such a crafty veteran. His time to play again would come up when McNair was injured.  In week 6 of the ’06 season against the Carolina Panthers Kyle got the call. He finished 17-31 for a 58% completion percentage for 226 yds. and 3 touchdowns. With just over four minutes left Kyle led the offense down the field 68 yards for a touchdown giving hope but the Panthers were able to run the clock out assuring their victory. On December 17, Kyle led the Ravens to victory against the Browns finishing 13 of 21, 238 yds., 2 TD’s and 112.3 passer rating.  Kyles ability and heart gave the Ravens a playoff birth. The next season McNair went down again and Kyle stepped up and again brought hope to our offense. Last year Kyle was hurt in the preseason and missed the entire season but he attended every home game and travelled with the team for all three playoff games. I personally met the man twice and he is a down to earth guy. Very kind and caring willing to sign an autograph for every fan it seems. St. Louis is very lucky to have a guy like Kyle Boller on their team. He will be missed by most here in Baltimore as being a true player with a huge heart. The kid will not quit. I’ll always remember number 7 Kyle Boller.

NOTE: My thoughts and prayers are with family, friends, and teammates of Silver Spring, MD native, Williamsport High alumni, and pitcher of the Anaheim Angels Nick Adenhart. He recorded six scoreless innings lastnight against Oakland. Who knew it would be his last game. He was only 22 which is a reminder on how fragile life can be. His teammates describe him as being a great kid and being very funny. They also say he was  fun in the clubhouse and off the field. You will be missed Nick.