Help Adam raise money on Saturday…

January 23, 2008 | Drew Forrester

If you caught the 8:00 am hour of today’s Comcast Morning Show, you no doubt heard the discussion I had with producer Adam Dembeck, who is going to participate in this Saturday’s Polar Bear Plunge at Sandy Point State Park.

In case you aren’t aware of what happens at “the plunge”, a bunch of crazed lunatics with good hearts dive into the chilly, icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  They solicit pledges from people like us who don’t want to freeze our rear ends off…and all the money goes to Maryland Special Olympics.  Adam has a group of 15 friends aptly nicknamed “Da Fools” who are going to dive in on Saturday and I’d like to reward their efforts with some fund-raising assistance.

The plunge is the biggest annual fund-raiser for Maryland Special Olympics and this will be the third year Adam has participated.  By the way, last year “the plunge” raised over $2 million.  Adam raised $350 in 2007.  My goal is to help him get to $700 this year and double his efforts from a year ago.

I’ve just gone on-line and made my donation.  Would you please take a minute to do so as well, right now.  Just go to – there, you’ll see an icon for “donate” — click that and go to “sponsor a plunger”…and type in the name “Adam Dembeck”.  It’s that easy.  I literally did the whole thing in about 90 seconds.

In fact, as I write this, Adam is now at the $500 mark, which means he raised $150 today alone.  Another day or two of $150 and he’s at the $700 mark.

By the way, Michael McCrary (ex-Raven…well, actually, he will ALWAYS be a Raven) will join me on the Comcast Morning Show Wednesday just after 8:00 am to discuss the plunge and his role in Saturday’s fund-raiser.  Tune in and hear what Michael has to say.

And, please, take a minute tonight and go to the web-site and make a donation to Adam and his gang of fools.  Anything helps…$10, $20…whatever you can afford.

Either that, or you can put on your swim trunks and head out there Saturday with an expected high temperature of 33 degrees and dive in yourself.

Right, just what I thought.  Here’s that web-address again! (

Thanks a million!  Make that, thanks $3 million this year!