Help Wanted:Good Pitchers! Apply Camden Yards!

April 02, 2010 |

Come on man!  Another year of the same? What is an old arm, a burnt out arm and arms that still should be on the farm. The Baltimore Orioles 2010 pitching staff. Do you we keep buying into this? Pay high prices ? Year after year we get a non competitive group who we can not blame. They are working for millions during a recession. You can’t blame them! Pete you suck! I guess as long as the MASN  money keeps coming in why should you care! You ticket sales are down, but we still have to give you our Comcast money, because we can’t opt of of your sports channel. It’s amazing when the Yankees & Red Sox are in town more of their fan are in our ballpark then O’s fans. Because… they have something to cheer about …”Whipping a teams butt who doesn’t having pitching! Even Milwood was pissed when he found out he was coming here! A great town a cheapskate own who only cares about himself! I think I have made my point… Peter Angelos You Suck!