Hendrickson wins Orioles debut

April 11, 2009 |

Mark Hendrickson pitched 5 1/3 innings allowing one run, six hits and striking out two as he got the win in his Orioles debut.

Hendrickson improved to 51-63 in his major league career which has spanned seven years with five different teams.

This is only one game and does not mean Hendrickson will win the CY Young; however, it is much better then a loss and was good sign for the team and Hendrickson.

So what does this mean for the Orioles?

It means nothing, but Hendrickson is a veteran who has pitched in the American League east before. He will not be intimidated and he is left handed which prohibits teams from stacking their lineup with left handed hitters.

Many, including myself, thought that the Orioles should have made Brad Bergeson a starter and had Hendrickson come out of the bullpen as the “long man”. Hendrickson signed with this team to be a starter and he had a good enough spring to make this a reality.

The Orioles will have a decision on their hands once Rich Hill comes off the DL. The Orioles brought in Hill to be the team’s number three starter, a role that now belongs to Alfredo Simon.

I believe that when he is on his game, Hill is the most talented starting pitcher on the Orioles roster but it will be interesting to see if he responds well from his injury.

If the Orioles do add Hill to the rotation then Simon, Hendrickson or Eaton will come out. The only one of those three with the flexibility to come out the bullpen is Hendrickson and we know the Orioles like him in that spot.

For now Mark Hendrickson is undefeated with a 1.67 era however he has not won more the 11 games in a season in his career. Savor the feeling of celebrating a Hendrickson win; they could be few and far between this season.