Here come the Steelers

November 26, 2009 | Paul Hoke

This game would have been much sweeter had the Ravens beat the Colts last Sunday. Both teams would have come in at 6-4, and the Ravens would have had the benefit of a huge emotional win, while Pittsburgh is reeling from 2 straight defeats. But, that isn’t the case. Baltimore limps into this game at 5-5, yet still very much in the AFC playoff picture. And one thing will resonate from Owings Mills….the Ravens MUST win this game. No questions, no excuses, they MUST win this Sunday night.

To lose Sunday night against Pittsburgh, at home, would be devastating to this team. Not just in terms of the playoff picture, but also as it relates to fan support/civic pride. This fan base needs this win. If for no other reason, then to move them back from the ledge. Look, the lose to the Colts hurt me more then most. My father called me Sunday night, while I was at work of course, and lambasted me about the loss. Dad is an old Colts guy. My grandfather had season tickets, etc etc etc. This loss hurt for reasons that are more personal to me then just another kick to our playoff hopes. And after that….here come the Steelers.

Look, I hate the Colts. I hate anyone wearing that horseshoe. But I hate them more for my father and grandfather, then I do for me. But…I HATE the Steelers solely for me. I have always hated the Steelers. I’ve hated the Steelers since my days as a Buffalo Bills fan. It seemed if there was a big game during the regular and post season, the Bills always ran into Pittsburgh. With varying results of course. And once our beloved Ravens came to town, that hatred grew. I remember that first nationally televised game in Pittsburgh, in which good ol’ Vinny threw a pick six to Rod Woodson, and the Ravens lost 37-0 in 1997. I was at Memorial Stadium, in the pouring rain, when the Ravens beat the Steelers for the first time, in 1996. I was also sitting in those same Memorial Stadium seats when Kordell “freaking” Stewart, led a 24 point Steeler comeback to beat the Ravens who at one point held a 24-7 lead the following year. I remember when the ravens opened that beautiful stadium downtown in 1998 with a loss to Pittsburgh. They shut them out in the first game of 2000 in Three Rivers, in a season that ended with the Ravens hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy. I remember them all, and you know what….? I HATE the black and gold. I unfortunately work with a couple Steeler fans, and it amazes me just how little these people know about football considering the fact that their team has won 6 Super Bowls. I can’t talk football with a Steeler fan. They don’t know the game. Every time I point out a deficiency in the Steelers, just as I do the Ravens’ holes, they always say the same thing…Sixburgh. Can’t talk to mental midgets, which is what Steeler fans are. And by the way, I hate their team.

Anyway, to bring this point home, the Steelers are coming to Baltimore this weekend, in what is essentially a playoff game. A loss to the Steelers this week puts a HUGE dent in the Ravens’ January plans. A win lifts, not just their record, but also a fan base that is nearing the edge. After losing three times to these clowns last year, and the Ravens, keep in mind, were just a few plays away from winning all three games last year, they need this win. 6-5 is a world better then being 5-6, especially considering the log jam that is currently the AFC playoff race. We need this one, as Bob Haynie says, in a big way.

Go Ravens!!!!!! Please beat these idiots.