Here’s my list of invitees – haters included

August 05, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Our 10th anniversary party is this Friday at the Sports Legends Museum. It’s also going to feature the “crowning” of the King of Baltimore, which, apparently, will be John Unitas. Like I said on the show today…it’s not MY fault you folks voted for the wrong winner!

Anyway, the event – as you probably know – is sold out. However, I was given 100 tickets about two weeks ago and told to “do with them what I please.” After taking care of some of my personal sponsors, I made up a list of folks that I would like to personally invite to the event. These are people that I consider “Comcast Morning Show VIP’s” and others who actively participate in either the show or my web-blog. I’ve been reading the names off for the last few days and a lot of people have responded…but a few of you haven’t.

Here’s the list of people that I’m personally inviting to the 10th anniversary party. If you e-mail me at (if you’re on the list below), I’ll gladly leave you tickets at the door on Friday night.

>Bob in Parkville
>Greg in North East Baltimore
>Lou in Phoenix
>Jerry in Timonium
>Scott in Highlandtown
>John in Highlandtown
>Mark in Rosedale
>Mike in Rosedale
>Wayne in Timonium (haven’t heard from him in a while).
>Chuck in Bel Air
>Art in Bel Air
>John in Towson
>Jason in Parkville
>Nick in Govans
>Bob in Hereford (mad at me because I’m too hard on the O’s)
>Tom in Abingdon (where are you, bro?)
>Al the Bowling Guy
>Deacon Al (I think Rob already invited him…)
>Ken in Owings Mills
>Derrick on the East Side
>”T” from Ravens Roost 50
>Ravens Roost 82 in Parkville
>Tom in Bel Air (blog regular)
>CBR (blog regular)
>Columbia Ken (hater)
>Johnny Rocket (Redskins fan/hater)
>Ira Silverstein (hater)
>Crazy Mike T (blog regular)
>MGMC (another Crazy Mike/hater)
>Captain Jerk (funny dude)
>Captain Kirk (traffic pro/golf buddy)
>Greg Bader (major league hater)
>Mickey from Union Square (hater)
>Fergie in White Marsh
>Goomba (mad at me)
>Dan in Fallston
>The Ethical Governor of the state of Maryland, Ralph Jaffe.
>Ed in Park Heights
>Will in Randallstown
>Neal from “The Loss Column” (hater)

What a list! We have the Ethical Governor of the state of Maryland, a couple of policeman, a doctor, a fireman, some retired guys and a few people who use fake names on the web-site who won’t show but I’ll invite them anyway.

It’s a party…who cares who shows up, right?

So there’s the list. If I forgot you, it wasn’t intentional, I promise. If you’re a regular and you feel slighted, e-mail me and I’ll see if I can squeeze you in.