Here’s what I’m betting on…

November 13, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I spent a considerable amount of time at the Ravens’ facility in Owings Mills today. 

Here’s what I’m betting on:

> I’m betting that Steve McNair won’t start for the Ravens on Sunday against the Browns.  Kyle Boller will.

> But I’m also betting that a number of veteran players called/visited Brian Billick today and urged him to think long and hard about benching McNair and voiced their support of McNair in the same phone call(s)/visit(s).

> I’m also betting that McNair’s shoulder injury – while minor at best – might be something that keeps him out of the lineup for 2-3 weeks.

> Therefore, I’m betting the Ravens front office gang made a bunch of phone calls today to some free agent veteran QB’s (does Jeff George have a job…anywhere?) just to see if they might be available for a quick look-see later this week.

> I’m betting the Ravens would feel very unsettled with Boller as their #1 QB this Sunday and Troy Smith as the #2 (assuming McNair can’t dress for the game due to injury).

> I’m betting that Brian Billick will remain the team’s head coach AND play-caller for the remainder of the season.

> I’m betting that the Ravens, while very aware that the fans are disappointed, angry and frustrated with the ’07 team, are NOT going to make any on-field personnel decisions because of pressure from the fans. 

> I’m betting that an informal poll of the Ravens locker room tomorrow would have 70% of the players vote for McNair as the team’s starting QB on Sunday if he were healthy.

> I’m betting that McNair’s post-game comments about turning over the starting job to Boller were not well received in Owings Mills. 

> I’m betting the Browns are already game-planning for Boller and the Ravens would have liked for that subject to be a secret for a few more days at least.

> I’m betting that the LAST thing the organization wants to do is allow the fans to start determining en masse which players should – and shouldn’t – play. 

> And I’m betting that this quarterback thing will get messy this week.  It’s only Monday, mind you.

> And I’m going to bet – totally against my sanity and better judgement – that somehow, someway, this coming Sunday against the Browns, Kyle Boller will engineer the Ravens to an improbable 27-24 win over Cleveland.

> But I wouldn’t bet on the game, that’s for sure.

> Everything else you’ve read, I’d bet on…*wink*…if you know what I mean.