January 22, 2014 | Marty Mossa

I think it is high time that football fans far and wide unite to say enough is enough. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell is single handedly ruining the game of football. If he and the owners continue to poke holes into the most popular sport in America; it will be ruined for good.

(1) First he instituted the blow to the head penalty. Now I truly am in favor protecting the players. But when a penalty is called on a player in real time that appears to be a helmet to helmet; many times the replay shows a clean hit. I’m one of the biggest critics to NHL refs and have been for 35 years. But even Superman cannot see in real time, at those speeds if the hit was clean or not. If the flag happy refs are unsure, they call it. Instant replay needs to be instituted to determine whether it was actually a helmet to helmet hit, or if the receiver moved his head in the direction of the defender.

(2) The second thing he did was move the kick off five years closer to the end zone to prevent most returns. Kickoff returns are a part of the game and has been since it started decades ago. Move the kickoff back five yards and allow more returns.

(3) The third ridiculous thing this goofy commissioner wants to do force London, England into loving NFL Football. First it started as exhibition games there. Then it grew to one match a year robbing one team of a home date. Now goofy wants to play three games there. There is talk of putting a team there. What a stupid idea. Maybe the Londoners will attend one, game a year, maybe two, they maybe will even sell out for three games a year. But the love over there is soccer and the novelty of NFL football will surely fade if they have a team playing eights games a year there. If you’re interested in going global, put a team in Vancouver, or Mexico City. That may work.

(4) Now the commissioner is allowing political correctness to dictate the sport. He and the “president’ of the United states have stuck their noses where it doesn’t belong. The Washington Redskins have been around for 80 years. But the do-gooders like Goodell and Obama want a team rich in tradition to change its name because a few liberals don’t like the name. A poll to American Indians showed that most tribes don’t mind the name. LEAVE IT ALONE!!

(5) Goodell’s changes keep getting sillier. Who ever thought of playing a Super Bowl in New Jersey in early February. Now I realize that some extreme weather games can be exciting, (Ice Bowl/1967 & last year’s playoff game between Denver/Ravens). But to mortgage the biggest international sporting event of the year on mother nature is the same as relying on the New Orleans Power & Light Company on preventing a power outage during the Super Bowl. Goodell’s on the mercy of mother nature. And we all know with the present air temperature at 7 degrees here in Baltimore right now; Mother Nature can be a real bitch. So much for global “warming.”
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(6) Finally the most recent reason to get rid of the commission is: taking away the PIT. In the commissioner’s greater wisdom he wants to take away the PIT and award the team that just scored the TD 7 points. And if you “gamble” and go for the two point conversion, you have one point taken away if you don’t get it, and one point added if it’s successful. Oh good God!!!