Hope you bet the “over” tonight in Texas

April 13, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Are Adam Eaton and Rangers’ pitcher Vicente Padilla identical twins?

Padilla has given up 9 hits in less than four innings of work and the O’s have just scored three times (and still batting) in the 4th to lead in Texas, 5-4.

Koji Uehara has been victimized by two home runs already and still can’t reach 90 MPH consistently.

I hope you didn’t bet the under tonight.

This one might reach 15 runs before the lights go out in Arlington.

Aubrey Huff just drove one into left field and it’s now 6-4.

What’s Texas manager Ron Washington doing…trying to lose on purpose?  Get Padilla out of there already.  Holy cow.  He couldn’t get Little Ethan out right now.

This might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in 2009.

Ty Wigginton just roped one into left field and it’s now 7-4.  

The O’s have more hits in this inning than Foreigner had in their storied career.

And now, here comes Ron Washington, finally.  Padilla just said, “What the hell took you so long, skip?  I’m gettin’ killed out here.”

I love how they pat the pitcher on the back after he’s faced eight hitters in one inning and turned a 4-2 lead into a 7-4 deficit. It’s almost like they’re saying, “no problem, pal…you can’t possibly be this bad NEXT time out.”


By the way, that Baltimore road jersey that we made the O’s adopt this year look awfully sweet except for the fact that the patch on the left sleeve is too big.  Other than that — they look lovely.

I think this one’s over.  I’ll call it an 11-7 O’s win tonight.

I’m going to watch the last hour of The Masters again via my Comcast DVR.  I’m hoping Kenny Perry doesn’t go bogey-bogey to lose (again).

I’ll check back on the Birds in a little while in case Uehara squanders this lead.  

I don’t think he will.