Horrible Officiating…

February 27, 2009 |


I’m trying to divert my attention from this apparent ‘Black’ Friday but my mind keeps going back to late Wednesday night with the unfavorable officiating towards our boys in Gold. You all know the calls that persistently annoy my mind – not to forget the amount of times Henderson pushed off his defender, which was arrogantly ignored…shocker. 

Coach Glenn Clark and I were talking upon the conclusion of the game and I mentioned to him how, to me, it felt like I was watching another Ravens – Steelers game. The game was physical (thank you Dave Neal), every possession counted, and of course, the officiating played a ginormous factor. I told Glenn that it’s glaringly obvious that Duke are the darlings of the NCAA, as the Pittsburgh Steelers are to the NFL.

So frustrating. It kills me writing about this topic. Honestly, I’d rather blog about that chick who had the octuplets than dare waste breaths on the SteAlers and Dookie. 

I digress.

No I don’t.

To add fuel to this fire, I just finished viewing the NFL Network’s Top 10 Most Controversial Calls. Guess who made it the right side of the list 3 bloody times? Yep. Those (insert blank) Steelers. Come on! Three times! 

#8: Super Bowl XL – the ENTIRE GAME! Wow.

#4: Houston Oilers’ Mike Renfro blown TD call in AFC title game. 

#1: The Immaculate Incomplet…um…. Reception. 

THREE TIMES! One being an ENTIRE GAME? Incredible.

I’m done. I have to urinate nails, now. Happy Black Friday, boys and girls.


Did anyone catch the Dook – VT game last night? Johnny Scheyer took so many steps off an inbound that he nearly walked out of the Cassell Coliseum all the way to Kings Dominion. Watch the highlight on Sportscenter. It was an OBVIOUS traveling violation, the refs on the other hand, found s borderline hand check to call against VT. 



Go Turtles. We need this win tonight against the Wolf Pack. 

Ps. I used to be BIG Wolf Pack fan…Not NC State but the NWO, a la Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sting, and Buff Bagwell…