April 23, 2009 |

The fantastic debut of Brad Bergesen gives Orioles fans great pleasure, but it also begs the question, what the heck took so long?   Judging from the rookie pitcher’s talent and poise in his MLB debut, it appears as if the kid could have been in the rotation from day one this season.  Take your pick on which Birds starter he should have been given a spot over in this patchwork rotation out of spring training.  My hope is that it would have been an easy choice to pick Bergesen over Adam Eaton, but there is no need to cry over spilt milk as we steam ahead towards the second month of the season.

Now that we know a young Orioles pitcher called up from the minors won’t spontaneously combust when he takes the bump at Camden Yards, it’s now time to think about who and more importantly, when to bring up the next young, live arm.  I know there is a grand plan swimming inside the cranium of Andy McPhail.    I am not greedy.   I can be somewhat patient.  How about just bring up one young pitcher per month?  Please.  Pretty please.  How about you just think about it?  This month it was Brad Bergesen.  Next month (around May 15th) it could be Chris Tillman.  June would belong to Jake Arrieta.  July can be all about David Hernandez and the dogs days of August would welcome in the left handed stylings of Brian Matusz.  That’s four young pitchers and the future of Birds baseball eased into the 2009 rotation.  This plan, much like the high school cafeteria menu, is subject to change of course.   The reality of it is, the Orioles might not have that much flexibility and time considering the way pitchers are going down, (Simon) and getting battered around (Eaton).   It might expediate this process just a bit, and most O’s fans would not have a problem with that. 

The baseball season is a long one. It can be grueling, frustrating and downright devastating for those devoted to it.  As Orioles fans we know this pain.  It appears that there is a little bit of sun over the horizon.  Let’s see if we can jack that big ray of light squarely into the middle of the sky by the middle of the Summer.  Just one new guy a month.  Is that too much to ask?