How do the Orioles answer this question?

October 24, 2011 | John West

How do the Orioles answer this question?

As we all know, over the weekend Baltimore Orioles Great Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson had a statue dedicated to him downtown and the Orioles wanted no part of it. They helped raise no money, they wouldn’t allow the statue on their property, and they were not there at the ceremony. Nothing!! This is an ugly divorce played out in front of the entire sports world to see.

As with any divorce, the kids must pick a side. I won’t make you guess what side I’m on. It will always be Brooks.

However this problem is a little bit more current for the “on the field” Orioles and their few remaining apologists and fans. This is a real emergency for the current Orioles and I am sure they have no idea what I’m talking about.

I was going to ask how does Prince Fielder or Albert Pujlos look this? But the more relevant question to ask is “How does Adam Jones or Matt Wieters look at this situation?”

Just think about this for a minute. In the next couple of years, the Orioles are going to ask both Adam Jones and Matt Wieters to sign long term contract extensions at “Home Town Discount” pricing. How do the Orioles respond to any question along the line of “How do you as an organization treat your precious few Hall of Famers?” With a dumb look and a cheap, fake smile they will respond “We would never treat you that way?” Yeah Right!!

I don’t know how many more times I can say “ENOUGH” with respect to the Orioles. It might be a lifelong problem. I just know that when the time comes for Adam and Matt to sign or not sign with the Orioles they both had better have people who demand they ask “Why is Brooks Robinsons’ statue not on Oriole property?” as the first question in the negotiations process.

Also, since I don’t read MASN or follow any of the paid Oriole apologists, can somebody please tell me how this story is being handled locally? I have heard rumors that SI and the National Baseball people are taking notice to this story. It should be interesting, and by that I mean SAD, to watch this story grow and get reported on.