Howls about towels make “Steelers week” more rabid

November 30, 2010 | Drew Forrester

they do in order to prove that superiority. That’s why the “towel thing” is such a complex issue around here.

It’s a HUGE deal.

But it’s not really that big of a deal at all once the ball gets kicked off at 8:20 pm.

Then, the only thing that matters is the next 60 minutes of football.

People waving towels in Baltimore aren’t going to make the Ravens or Steelers play any harder. I can’t imagine at any point on Sunday night that Ray Rice will say to the guys in the huddle, “Damn, man, all these towels being waved are gettin’ me awfully ramped up.”

Last time I checked, they were waving those yellow rags like mad a couple of weeks ago in Pittsburgh when Tom Brady demolished the Steelers at Heinz Field.

Trust me, if the Ravens give purple towels away on Sunday night and win the game, no one will care that they gave away purple towels.

But if the Ravens lose to the Steelers Sunday night, they could give away life size posters of Jessica Alba with nothing on except her football cleats and we’d leave them behind at the stadium because it would be too much of a reminder that on that night, we couldn’t beat the Steelers.

Once the game starts, the towels aren’t really an issue anymore.

This week, though, as everyone looks for their own source of personal energy to prepare themselves for the big game, the towel giveaway is a hot button topic because it reminds us of something that Pittsburgh does…and something that they’ve laid claim to as their trademark.

And since we’re better than them, why do we have to stoop to THEIR level?

That’s what we think around here.

That’s why the towels don’t make sense to a vocal portion of the football community in Baltimore, me included. I definitely understand the Ravens position on this and halfway agree that when its done for cosmetic reasons – “for TV purposes” as it were – it makes a whole lot of sense. Except for one thing: It’s a Pittsburgh tradition.

Playing the Saints on a Sunday night in Baltimore? Sure, give those towels away.

But towels (and losing baseball) are benchmarks of Pittsburgh.

And that’s why people in Baltimore are so worked up about it.

We already have the losing baseball part down pat. We don’t want the towel part too.

If it’s connected to Pittsburgh, we don’t like it.

And that’s it in a nutshell.